Top 25k on The DJ List

Marcus Christian

Providence, United States



In the summer of 2000, Marcus Christian began his journey as a dj under the tutelage of progressive house DJ Jimmy B of R.I. and New England fame. Marcus was heading into his junior year at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and brought the lessons learned with him to UMASS. Spinning to smaller house party crowds for a year in Amherst introduced Marcus to the underground scene where he was exposed to the talented djs and musicians associated with the Growroom. From Steve Porter, to Caezar to the masterful Groove Creator, Marcus learned many of the finer stylistic differences between the genres and djs and began incorporating these into his sets. After one full year under his belt, Marcus returned to RI for the summer to rejoin DJ Jimmy B and worked with Jimmy in such clubs as Metropolis, Hell and Starz. For nearly two years, Marcus was the resident dj and promoter for the Monkey Bar and nearly every campus affiliated ?after-hours? party spinning alongside great djs like Hush & Bons and many more of the Growroom crew. After graduation, MC began working more in the underground scene and focusing ..-hours? parties in order to break free from the restraints of spinning in the club scene. After three and a half years of these venues MC decided to bring his sound back to the club scene and began to rock out Worcester, MA clubs like they hadn?t heard without paying big money to bring in the talent. While you can still catch him in the underground circuit, nowadays you can typically find him djing several times monthly in and around central MA at clubs like the Seven Lounge and Club Red 1888. Presently he has been working closely with DJ Parallax (Worcester?s own international dj) to put together FluX FridaYs (New England?s only EDM weekly) and other venues that are coming soon… With the help of dj Jeff Hyde and Candy Flipt Productions, MC has been expanding his fan base from southern New England to include the states of NH, ME and VT where you will be able to find him in the months and years to come…