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Shenzhen, China

Electro House, House


Yutise is the first DJ who introduces the foreign Bar Music and Rave Party Culture to China, playing the leading role in China?s Electro- Musician Circle. Now he is the Chief DJ and Music Supervisor in Shenzhen Oriental 21 Entertainment & Culture Company (zangkool music factory). In 2000, he signed with Hongkong Shuiyun Entertainment Studio as a top Sound Mixing DJ. Then he made several Party Music Tour Shows, trying to promote the DJ circle?s music knowledge in Shenzhen as well as in the nation wide. During 2001 to 2005, he became more and more popular in Shenzhen and had been invited to be the Chief DJ in many famous clubs such as the Feeling Club, the Habibi Club, the Sau Paulo Club, and the Golden Times Club due to his highly praised skills of the sound mixing, atmosphere controlling, and mass-approaching. Yutise is greatly devoted to the modern Electro Music—-modern digital DJ technology-let Yutise became a digital DJ spokesman of M-AUDIO-CONECTIVE— Based on his music understanding and the past years experiences, and his music instincts, now he is upgrading himself from a top DJ to a top original music composer. He was used electro music add FUNKY element-bring an audio-visual shake again and again for his fans. In 2006, Yutise signed with the True Color Club, one of China?s most famous music bars, and issued his first original Remix album “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE”. Let’s expect to share his heart beating music, and share his limitless dream. In the end, he hopes you guys do him a favor. Vote for him on DJMAG. Support him become a super DJ in the world. Let his dream come true. Thanks for your vote. Thanks a lot.