Little by little we have come to realize that music is an integral part in our life. Having travelled around the world has opened up my eyes to many interesting elements, in terms of culture, religion and above all music. Music has struck a chord within me ever since i was little, so much so as time went on, i began to become fond of learning the roots of different genres and musical background. What impressed me was how music was able to gather people from all walks of life, to one sound. Visiting many parts of the world, i was keen in learning and grasping music as much as i could. I then immersed myself in a school of music where i got my degree in Audio & Engineering, Then enrolled myself in a dj academy, where i met many musicians and enthusiasts like me. Since then i knew that music would be the focal point of my career. Nothing could make me more happier than to provide music to the masses and unite everyone with one sound. I soon set out to spin as a dj in small clubs in singapore, where i had lived for 20 years, being born in an italian family also helped in my love for music. Now with over 4 years of experience in djing i went on to push myself to a higher level in producing tracks and editing. Taking what i learnt from my degree in sound. I have now found myself back in europe to spread the asian flavors that i have gathered over the years in terms of music.