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Marco Torrance

Leipzig, Germany

Chill Out, Trance

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Marco Torrance, aka Marco Tust, is an ambient, chillout and trance musician based in Leipzig, Germany. He was born on January 15, 1981 in Leipzig (German Democratic Republic). Inspired by so called dancefloor era in the early 1990s, Marco began making his first electronic dance music by using simple sample tools and tracker related programs. Finally he found the way to the software synthesizers. Today Marco is a well known artist from the American internet radio station Digitally Imported ( for his mixing series called “Planet Subtraxx” and miscellaneous track appearances in the Chillout rotation. In the past 4 years, Marco had several trance releases on vinyl and compilations appearances at Germany’s ZYX Music and Tunnel Records. Also inspired by Solar Stone, Michael Woods and Enigma, he additionally started to produce chillout. So finally he got his first compiled EP-release on netlabel in spring 2005. After one and a half year production time Marco presented his debut album “Reconstructed Moments” on the Dutch Chillout label Cardamar Music in August 2006.