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Marco Raineri is a DJ/Producer influenced by Techno and Minimal music , he was born in Palermo , Italy in 1993. Since he was a child showed his interest and passion towards music, thanks to them he acquires a wide music culture, and in 2009 at the age of 14 he has his first exhibition in a club. After some strong emotions during several events in his country , he approaches to the musical production at the age of 15 with his first Minimal EP ’’Baby’’ releases on ‘’Footmusic Records’’ .

In 2011 his track ‘’Fly with me’’ released on Code 2 Records, stays in chart for 8 following months on ‘’’’ . Afterwards it’s released even by ‘’ Free Spirit Records’’ ( Delano’s Label) in an exclusive cd compilation with some artists like: Angy Kore, Mike Maass, Dualitik, Delano , Omega Drive, Words, Vid Marjanovic, Simon robe, Luix Spectrum, MicRoCheep & Mollo, Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi, Puncher, Stiv & Vallo ed altri ancora.

Succeeding to this many other releases on label like: Renesanz (Balthazar & JackRock’s Label) – Stereo Seven Plus (Andrea Bertolini’s Label) – No-Logik (Daniele Petronelli’s Label) – Bulldozer Records (Swallen’s Label) – Code2 Records (Alex Kiefer’sLabel) – Turning Wheel Records (Marco P’s Label) .

In 2012 he is considered the #1 DJ/Producer in his city, Palermo, managing to position himself in the TOP 100 Minimal and Hardtechno, in ’’TheDjList’’ site. In the same year he achieve the purpose to play in some important local events with artists like: Nari & Milani, Basto, Gregori Klosman, Maurizio Gubellini, Dannic, Jordy Dazz, Kurd Maverick, Sasha Lopez, Desaparecidos, Gabry Ponte, Gigi De Martino, Christian Marchi, Molella, Giorgio Prezioso, Simon De Jano.

2013 is an important year for Marco’s career , his unique style full of energy allows him to enter in the TOP 100 minimal in Beatport, with is version of the EP ’’Matteo’’ released by ’’Mintec’’.

His strengths lies in his inspiration ,that leads him to produce tracks fastly , in fact he counts more than 75 releases in international labels , collaborating with artist like: Balthazar & JackRock , Greg Slaiher, Dani Sbert, Vincenn, Synch Therapy, Kevin Witt & Halm, Maximus Bellini, Noisedock, Luix Spectrum, Mikael Pfeiffer, Doublescore, Uakoz, Jusai, Sinteza, Doublescore, The Drunkers (Italy), and others.

Marco’s original style is noticed and supported by many artists, and played by many of them, like: Adam Beyer, Luigi Madonna, Spartaque, Alex di Stefano, Angy Kore, Patrick Kunkel, Balthazar & JackRock, Daniele Petronelli, Dandi & Ugo, NHB, Mike Wall, Nicolas Cuer, Go! Diva, Mariano Santos, Phuture Traxx, Lorenzo D’Ianni, Lea Dobricic, Khainz, Steve Nash, Kaiser Souzai, Olivier Giacomotto, TheYellowHead, Acid Kit, Emrah Celik, Tesla, Bass Klept, John Acquaviva, Luigi Rocca, Sandro Kellener, Mike Schumacher, Forest People, Sisko Electrofanatic, Phunk Investigation, Egoism, Dualitik, Dani Sbert, Microcheep & Mollo, Simone De Caro, Sonny Wharton, Highestpoint, Gene Karz, Vegim, Alex MIllenium, Vladimir Acic, Fabian Jakopetz, Truci, Norbert Davenport, Andrea Frisina, Andrea Roma, Joe Maker, Da Fresh, Greg Slaiher, Diego Quintero, Sandro Beninati, A.K.O., Kevin Witt, Chris Loo, Darpa, Min & Mal, A.K.O., Uakoz, Mowree, Matteo Poker, SyncTherapy, Tom Schon, Alex Young, Joe Kendut, Slackers Project, Worda, Sinteza, Andy Mart and more.

In September 2013 he opens negotiations with a sicilian movement and music promoter “Unlocked”.

To be continued..