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Marco Lenzi has been a key player in the Techno scene for more than 14 years. His involvement in the London scene started when he, Nils, Hans Hess and Alex Oppido started the Silverfish Records store on the Charig Cross road in the heart of London. The store was an important part of the growth of techno in the UK. The Silverfish store always had an open mind when it came to the music it stocked, as long it was quality! Its reputation was built from the knowledge that the founder members injected into it.

Sadly Silferfish came to an end in 1995, but Marco, Nils and Hans knew that they had a good formula for a record shop to serve the underground dance community in and around London. After much deliberation they started Eukatech records in Covent Garden. As many other independent stores around town, Marco Lenzi, keeps Eukatech buzzing on the techno/house scene. Through the record store Marco gets to utilize his great knowledge of all things electronic, advising customers on their music selection.

His passion for techno lead to the birth of Molecular Recordings, one of the most respected cutting edge techno labels in the UK. To date he has released many records from artist like Inigo Kennedy, Kelly Hand, Holy Ghost, DJ Bone, Colin Mc Bean ( ex Advent ),Chris Liebing as well the successful anonymous xx series.

Marco’s love of electronic music started over 20 years ago after he inherited some records from his father, an electronic engineer for NASA. His early influences include K. Stokhoussen, Pierre Henry, G. Ligety and other producers from the 60’ s, artists who weren’t’ t afraid to experiment with new sounds and techniques. This is something that Marco keeps in line with his own production and DJ work.

He has DJ’ d all over Europe and World (specially Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Czech Rep., Poland, Slovenia, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Poland and even Osaka and the ‘Liquid rooms’ in Tokyo, Japan) -taking his minimal and funky, no messing sound to the masses. His main passion though is his production work and running the shop and the label.

As you can see from this information Marco pretty much, eats, sleeps and breathes techno-his love for this genre is unquestionable.