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Oranjestad, Aruba

Chill Out, Electro House

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Marc Era was born on Aruba, a small Caribbean island located off the North coast of Venezuela.

From the beginning Marc Era was influenced by many different types of regional and international musical genre’s, from this he developed his musical hearing.

In early 2011 Marc Era started experimenting with music by making short mixes and mash-ups, he soon moved on to experimenting with music by making Original tracks, After a while he produced and uploaded his first track to Soundcloud titled “Midnight Love”(2012).

In late 2012 Marc Era started creating Chillout music, and after a short period of time he produced 2 Melodic-Dubstep(Chillstep) tracks, “Beyond” and “Black Hole”.

In early 2013 Marc Era released his 3rd Chillstep track, “Valentine”.

This track caught the attention of 2 Youtube Channels, from there it was uploaded on both and received a lot of positive feedback, boosting Marc Era’s musical career a bit further.

Forward on to July 2013, Marc Era Released his first Album titled “Tranquility”, this Album consisted of 7 Chillstep-Chillout Tracks.

For his first Album it was a success. After that he received a lot recognition.

In September of 2013 he released his first EP title “Deep At Night”, Consisting of 4 Progressive House track.

Later on he continued to produce more music, and in October of 2013 he released is 2nd EP Single titled “Wolf”, consisting only of 1 track titled “Wolf”.

In November of 2013 he released his 3rd EP titled “Bragadram”, consisting of 5 EDM tracks.

As young a producer, Marc Era’s journey in creating music has become a desire to be known worldwide, as music is a universal language, how we humans express our feelings, from sadness to happiness.

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