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Chilean Dj & producer,

Owner of a style that is a mix of tech house, minimal and techno with all that special “Chilean” spice…

He has published/released on labels such as: Andes Music, Cadenza, Kling Klong, Wir among others.

His tracks have been remixed by John Selway, Alexi Delano, Someone Else, D. Diggler, M. Eyerer, Alejandro Vivanco and Francisco Allendes.

Marcelo has performed in underground clubs of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England, Holland, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile.

Together with producer Francisco Allendes, he created the first label based in Chile and distributed from Stuttgart Germany, both on vinyl and digital format, Andes Music & Andes Digital Music


2006 – Vinyl: Rosselot & Ferrante, “Los Andes”, Weave Music (Germany)

2007 – Vinyl: Rosselot, “De Arica a Punta Arenas”, remixes by Miguel Tutera and Monomachine. Gastspiel (Germany)

2007 – Vinyl: Rosselot & Oportus a.k.a Teleferik, “Mote con Huesillo EP”, Sound Architecture (Holland)

2008 – Vinyl: Rosselot & Ferrante, “DNO”, Musique Unique (Germany)

2008 – Vinyl: Rosselot, “No sabe, no sabe”, Andes Music (Germany-Chile)

2008 – Vinyl: Rosselot & Francisco Allendes, “De vuelta al planeta tierra”, WIR (Germany)

2009 – Vinyl: Marcelo Rosselot "La isla de las flores”, Limonada Records (France)

2009 – Digital Remix: Francisco Allendes & Felipe Venegas, “Espíritu”, Marcelo Rosselot Remix, Kling Klong (Germany)

2009 – Vinyl: Francisco Allendes, “Fiebre Amarilla” Marcelo Rosselot Remix, Andes Music (Germany – Chile)

2010 – Francisco Allendes & Marcelo Rosselot, “Catrianca” Cadenza Lab, Germany

2011 – Marcelo Rosselot, “Viaje en tango” Kling klong, Germany

2011 “Havanese” – Francisco Allendes & Marcelo Rosselot – Cadenza lab compilation 1

To be Release on 2011

2011 “Peter Veneno” – Marcelo Rosselot & Francisco Allendes, Session deluxe

2011 Remix for Manuel Araneda – Andes Music

Appearance on compilations & remixes

2005 – Love Parade Santiago Chile CD compilate, BMG (Chile)

2006 – 2006 “Desierto Florido”, Smog Records (Chile)

2007 – Digital release: Compilated release flight18,immigrant (England)

2007 – Selected minimalist London, Budenzauber (Germany)

2008 – Best Of 2008: Techno Edition, Gastspiel (Germany)

2008 – From Minimal To Techno Vol 2, Gastspiel (Germany)

2008 – Recognition: Techno – Episode Green, Le Bien Et Le Mal (Germany)

2009 – Budenzauber: Volume 3 (25 Minmal Techno Tracks), Budenzauber (Germany)

2009 – Super Club (Dorian Chávez), Independent Label (Chile)

2009 – Budenzauber: Volume 7 (25 Minmal Techno Tracks), Budenzauber (Germany)

2009 – Budenzauber: Volume 8 (25 Minmal Techno Tracks), Budenzauber (Germany)

2009 – Club del Sol Sunshine: Independent label (Chile)

2010 – Just Techno Vol 6 Gastspiel ( Germany)

2010 – Animal Partys double Cd mixed by (Marco Carola & Nick curly) Cocoon (Germany)

2011 – The Digital Age Volumen 3, Budenzauber (Germany)

2011 – Como se dice remix for Emiliano Pompili, Quanticman Records


Chrstian Campos

[email protected]

Tel:(+1) 1973 248 7544