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Marcelo Domancich

Rosario, Argentina

Breaks, Progressive House

Boobs And Loops, Dimension, Extreme Forces
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Born 1981, Brasilian DJ, son of Argentinian parents, he has always been on the road. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he decided to live th life for music, after inumerous life experiences.

Full time techno soldier, he is frontman of the duo Bitch Bros, with dozens of releases on several worldwide record labels.

He is aldo founder and manager of GLM Management, responsable for the ingestion of the record labels Guilhotina Records, Boobs And Loops, Urbanized Records, AK Recordings, Dimension Records, Extreme Forces Records, FunkStarz Recordings, Intuition Recordings PT, Mr. Gray Recordings, Primus Recordings, Techneura Records and Tetraedrums Records.