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marcello marchitto *1976 :: DJ :: Producer :: Label-head :: Club- & Party-promoter :: Based Germany/ Spain biography Marcello Marchitto had been into instrumental music since he was a child. Rather, since Miami Vice. One night in 1991 he ends up in a Techno club. Its easy to guess, since then he is magnetised by the electronic beat. It takes two more years and Marcello Marchitto buys his first pair of Technics. Nothing special, so far. During the following years Marcello Marchitto makes his way from the guy involved in his local scene to a recognised part of the international House scene: In 1996 Marcello Marchitto becomes support DJ of Boy George during his European club tour. In 1997 follows the opening of his first, own venue Luna Club with guests like Hardsequenzer or Timo Maas. There he celebrates his 20st Birthday. Marcello Marchitto continues his way with first steps in producing leading into his first release Ocean together with Mike Age in 1998. The founding of Chicaria Records follows with the huge success of the First Class E.P. becoming not only Ibizas summer anthem in 2002. Since then Marcello Marchittos schedule is packed through the label work as well as himself playing gigs all around the globe. Further, Marcello Marchitto is the head behind the releases of Groovedust, Deepstarr or Funkinjection and various remix works for DJ 88 Keys, Superfunk and his label mates at Chicaria Records. It is Marcello Marchittos sense for pragmatism that allows him to realise his colourful career. Im not aiming for aspects of art. To me it is important that the things fit together. All I want is the right groove when I play. I want my audience to have fun. Its that simple but complicating in one time! Seems like things can be that simple, sometimes. [email protected] Privilege / Ibiza :: Space / Ibiza :: Arena/ Kiev :: Avalonch/ Kiev :: Nightoffice / Tblisi :: Alter Flughafen Riem/ Munich :: Blue Chip/ Innsbruck :: Tabsaco2006 / Mexico :: Caf Europa/ Bielefeld :: El Divino/ Ibiza :: Electric City/ Koblenz :: Electronic Gold Festival Popkomm/ Cologne :: Gauloises Night/ Dubai :: H90/ Cologne :: Love Parade/ Berlin :: Lulu/ Cologne :: Mayday Afterhour/ Dortmund :: Morgana/ Ibiza :: Motion Night Hilton Creek/ Dubai :: P1/ Vienna :: Palladium/ Hamburg :: Paradise City No UFOs/ Berlin :: Privilege/ Ibiza :: Rheinkultur/ Bonn :: Ruhr in Love Festival/ Gelsenkirchen :: Triple A/ Cologne :: Ueberschall/ Munich :: Zorbas/ Mallorca :: discography 1998 Marcello Marchitto & Mike Age/ Ocean :: 2001 First Class EP :: 2002 Groovedust/ Funky Situation German Dance Charts :: 2002 Deepstarr/ Virtual Love :: 2003 Marcello Marchitto/ Boogie all Night :: 2002 Groovedust/ Hot :: 2004 Groovedust/ Like You :: 2005 Groovedust/ Digital Rock :: 2005 Marcello Marchitto/ Che :: Groovedust / Flash Down :: Groovedust / Flash Up :: Groovedust / Octopussy :: Groovedust / Billy Sue :: Groovedust / Skywalker :: remixes DJ 88 Keys/ Brand new me :: Flexy/ Paris Latino :: Flexy/ Mamasita US Billboard :: Jens Lissat/ Rock the Planet :: Copa/ At the Copa :: Faith Healer/ Faith Healer :: Superfunk/ Lover :: Mr. da Nos/ Long Train Running :: DFS Project/ Cuba :: Superfunk/ Lucky Star :: Eddi Thoneick/ Falling into the Groove :: Discogloss/ Feel the sound :: Roman Pushkin/ Direction :: Greg Kobe – Flow (Marcellos ibizaEdit.