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Marcel Kenenberg

Poznan, Poland


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Marcel Kenenberg – Ireland – Poland, Style: Trance

Born September 19, 1987 in Poznan. Since his early years he’s been showing interest in music.

It couldn’t go other way when he was 11, he started going to YAMAHA Music School, where for the first time in his life he heard electronic music. Since then, he has started to have many new ideas about his sound. After 5 years of learning, he knew that this music was his music. He wanted to use the skills he had gained to create a music. Style he enjoyed most was always Trance.

It was his beloved genre because : it is something more than just a kick and a loop melody that has this powerful energy…

In 2002, he was given a chance to familiarize himself with DJ’s equipment and he learnt how to take care of the parties. Despite being young, he is technically good and his selection of tracks will definitely rock everybody His career under the nickname of DJ Marsell started in 2003 when he first played in 7 Heaven club in Poznan. Thats where his adventure has started? He played there with famous artists from MDT Agency like (Cez are Kane, Kris,Tidey, Jay Bae, Toxic Noize), but also with famous artists from abroad: Peran van Dijk, Johan Gielen, Randy Katana, 4 Strings and many more. These are really beautiful memories.

Going further, due to the fact that he knew other DJs, he was able to play his sets in many big polish clubs like Club Pulsar in Poznan, and also Ekwador in Manieczki. He was playing there with the best DJs like Marcel Woods, Fred Baker, Joop, E-craig, Atb, Marc van Linden, Chus Liberata, Steve Murano, Robert Courier, Nenes and others Obviously, he did not only mix the music. In 2007 together with Sonic S, he started to be mainly interested in the professional music production and we will all hear the effects of his work in the close future. Under the new name of Marcel Kenenberg he is also active in both Ireland and England. Together with Sonic S and recently met Luc One they are planning to release new tracks that will rock the Trance and Electro world.