Top 25k on The DJ List

Marcel Janovsky

Doxa Records, Treibstoff
Marcel Janovsky Beatport


He is definitely one of the primary rocks among Cologne’s Techno scene. The way he uses his broad experience and combines it with the pulse and zeitgeisty sounds makes Marcel Janovsky not only an outstanding DJ, but also a successful label owner of Treibstoff, producer and organiser.

It all started in the 1980s when 14-years-old Marcel listened to Kraftwerks ‘Boing Boum Tschak’. The electronic music fever caught him almost immediately and he decided to exchanged his drums for a proper drum machine. And from this moment on, Marcel has been dedicating his life to the beat and the dance floor.

For a DJ, the main objective is to combine your very own style with the Zeitgeist and the tools available. And you will only succeed if you constantly nourish your passion and variety of activities from a wealth of experience: Marcel Janovsky was the first who came up with the early, hot Chicago records at school parties. Later, in the early 1990s, he scratched in one of the first German Hip Hop bands. And he vividly experienced the Big Bang of German Techno music when the Berlin wall came down. Thanks to this unique, authentic style pool, Marcel’s DJ sets are always precise as well as courageous; he combines the past and the future of state-of-the-art dance music thus creating a presence full of perfect rhythms and sensuality.

Since he founded his own label Treibstoff together with Rene Breitbarth in 1997, Marcel Janovsky actually is one of the most dynamic key figures among Cologne’s Techno scene: his own productions as well as the intense label work in the last couple of years prove Marcel to be a highly competent and pleasant promoter of both, unknown as well as famous acts. And the party crowd adores him for being a great organiser, booker and resident DJ of Treibstoff events taking place at one of the best underground locations in Cologne. Marcel Janovsky knows a vast number of DJs and live acts from his own DJ gigs at the best clubs all over the world.

And there is hardly any other protagonist in the world of Techno music who can do the splits between the international and local stage in such a perfect, smooth and laid-backway as Marcel Janovsky does it. But in fact, the one would not be possible without the other.