Top 25k on The DJ List

Marc Suisse

Palma, Spain



His interest for House Music started in 1997, when he was at home of a DJ friend who had two Technics plates and a mixer. There he tried for the first time to mix. Not a long time after he bought his own equipment to start practicing at home.

His first acts with people were on private parties, But in may 1998, an owner of a Pub in Pto. Alcudia heard him and he offered him his first residency. There he played Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays down the alias DJ Rain. With his House Sessions full of rhythm, he made dance his public every weekend. It was only a question of time that some promoters called him to assist on there events. Events like the first Boat Party on the Barco Samba.

In 2000, he moved to Lanzarote to investigate the Sound of the Canarian Islands with his summer rhythms. There he was present in various events of La Isla Tortuga and La Fabrica, but the most important event was The Carnaval Of Puerto del Carmen, where he played with about 5000 people. “An unforgetable night”, he said.

Between 2001 and 2003, he concentrated himself in other important projects, but also assisting on various private events. He could not live without the music.

In 2004, he and two DJ friends gave the life to a new promoter, tuvidaloca. He played in places like TITO’S (IN), Al Rojo Vivo, Fat Cats, etc. With tuvidaloca he had a residency during one year and a half till he changed to Beach People, the promoter of beach-radio.

At the moment he’s preparing new projects for the future like his first song, a mixture of Funky and Latin House.

His sessions are full of Latin rhythms with a touch of Funky and Soul, always oriented to the floor, to the people. You also can find some Classics for remember. “Good Music and Fun is the Base for a good Dance,” he said.

He played with DJ’s like Sergio Flores, Kiko Navarro, David Gausa, Mikel Molina, Jamie Lewis,John Acquaviva,Lady Sacha, Luis Gmez, Jimmy Andrews, Spider, Javi Colors, Toni R, Jonathan Ulysses, Toni Font, Salva Bahia, Isaac Indart, Noir, etc.

Some Events and Locations he was present; La Fabrica, La Isla Tortuga, Pacha, TITOS (IN), Al Rojo Vivo, Blond Caf, La Pera, Fat Cats, Chivas, Barracuda, Presentation of Urban Wear in El Corte Ingls, Presentation of in Abraxas, Carnaval of Puerto del Carmen, Bulevar Mediterraneo, Purple Music Night etc.