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Marc Roberts

London, United Kingdom


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Austria 1988:

A chance meeting with a family friend, fresh out of Ibiza, saw Marc handed a pile of vinyl and invited to – have a go!

With a love of electronic sounds and a very musical upbringing, Marc had now discovered house music and started honing his DJ skills.

Now 16 years into that journey, he has played to a wide variety of crowds in a wide variety of settings.

His journey has taken him to Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Spain & Switzerland and this list continues to grow.

His love of music means that he never forgets his roots, and he can quite often be found in smaller venues playing old soul, funk and groove classics.

This eclecticism means that when he comes to the larger venues he plays a genre-sweeping mix that keeps the crowd on its toes, waiting for the next surprise. But, wherever he drops that 4/4 beat, the funk is the integral part.

Marc has recently celebrated holding his 5th Monday Night Closing party after Notting Hill Carnival in London, which saw him play a 9 hour set to much acclaim.

Having spent some time in London, Marc has returned to his native North East and is now also working on promotions interests as well as starting work on a production project. Marc still writes reviews for various publications and is a listed contributor to the DJ Magazine Hype Chart.

He also has plans in the pipeline for more foreign escapades and UK gigs

Marc’s Favorites:

UK Club gig: Bugged Out! @ The End London

Non UK Club gig: Wet & Hard @ Laboratorium, Szezchin, Poland

Club: Fabric, London

Labels: Slip N Slide, Oxyd, City Rockers, Guidance, Transmat

Track: Johnny Hammond – Los Conquistadores Chocolates