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Marc Miroir

Berlin, Germany

Tech House

Affin, Bondage Music, enough!
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Like a mirror, Marco Spiegel aka Marc Miroir, has been reflecting the current vibrations of the electronic music scene in his artistic output for 15 years. He doesn´t restrict himself to a mere reflection, but also adds on loads of own, innovative elements, which he reflects to the world of music.

As a DJ, producer and label-owner he has been around the scene on a national and international level since 1993 and is therefore far from being a flash in the pan or a one-hit-wonder. Quite the contrary is true, like regular top 20 rankings in the annual Groove-poll as most popular national DJ or bookings by the big stages like Nature One, SonneMondSterne, Rave on Snow or Thaibreak prove. He understands to contribute a special touch to every party by a mixture of charisma and a particular choice of music. Music made for dancing, created by hypnotic, groovy and sometimes also strange sounds, is his first aim.

Already in younger years he discovered his love for music and began to organize parties in his native town of Würzburg, thus rapidly gaining a considerable fan community. As a result he got further bookings in southern Germany, his residency at Würzburgs cult club Airport, which has lasted since 1995. His sense for music, for playing the right record at the right time already at this point of his career ensured that he got many gigs in the most important clubs around Germany. Just to mention a few: Stammheim, Distillery or Dorian Gray.

His impressions and musical ideas, which he often creates from his sets of several hours, he also transposes in the studio. Until today he has produced 15 vinyl-releases in total, several compilation-licences and his Mix-CD with André Galluzzi. In 2004 he founded his label Paso-Music in cooperation with Sebrok and Jo Spallek. In the very fact he produced 8 of 30 releases on his own. Besides tracks on Paso-Music he also released for labels like Confused, LevelNonZero or PV-Records with artists like Pascal FEOS or Joachim Spieth.

He received great attention with his club hits “Theme Park“, “Scope“, “Cannot Fly“oder “Rezolution“, which brought a high reputation to him, far beyond the borders of Germany. Bookings by Frankfurt´s Cocoon Club or Space on Ibiza, as well as bookings for nearly all important festivals followed and so his fan community is growing constantly.

His move to Berlin in 2007 was a logical step. There, he is scooping new ideas and musical input from the city´s unique nightlife. In the daytime he works in the studio with Asem Shama and is going to arrange some label parties in the near future. 2009 starts with a massive success for Marc. In January he is releasing „Kraft“ on his own label ‚PASO music’ including a remix by Gregor Tresher. This record stands sturdy in all the sales charts for weeks, the DCC, and in several DJ-charts. Innumerous licensings of ‚Kraft’ follow, Paso’s most successful release so far, paired with an unforeseen attention to Marc and the label. On this road to success Marc continues and delivers an outstanding remix for the next release ‚Full Tilt’ and later, the highly acclaimed follow-up ‚Sponge’, including a co-production with veteran Pascal FEOS, in June. 2009 is the most successful year for Paso Music so far. As a DJ, Marc is playing like in previous years, at the big summer raves and all the clubs alike. He has now arrived to his new hometown Berlin and is playing in the hot underground clubs like MIKZ, Suicide Circus , About Blank or Golden Gate as well as the wellknown clubs like Cookies, Weekend or Tape.

In 2010 he is releasing very notable singles like the „Frogs“ EP on Bondage Music, which was played e.g. by Richie Hawtin, Luciano and lots more, as well as „Polyplot“, „Sinus“ and some remarkable remixes for Pascal FEOS, Ramon Tapia or Sebastian Lutz.

Early in 2011 „ Red Line“ on the Frankfurt based label LevelNonZero is hitting the record stores, which is again already played by everybody. Marc may be a proven DJ’s DJ.

From now on he is working on his debut album „Hitting Home“.


Airport / Würzburg

Cocoonclub / Frankfurt

Space / Ibiza ( Spain )

Florida 135 / Fraga (Spain)

Sala 31 / Lekunberri (Spain)

Weekend / Berlin

Cookies / Berlin

Washroom / Dresden

Ebene 3 / Wetzlar

U60311 / Frankfurt

Stammheim / Kassel

Golden Gate / Berlin

MIKZ / Berlin

Suicide Circus / Berlin

Nature [email protected] / Ibiza (Spain)

Rohstofflager / Zürich (Swiss)

Phonodrom / Hamburg

Poison Club / Düsseldorf

Tape / Berlin

About Blank / Berlin

Electric [email protected] / München

Fusion / Münster

Universal Dog / Lahr

La Cova / Barcelona ( Spain )

Onphono / Tarragona ( Spain )

Family Club / Toledo ( Spain )

[email protected] / Offenbach

Dorian Gray / Frankfurt

Matrix / Berlin

XS-Club / Berlin

Pleasure Dome / Augsburg / Hannover

Distillery / Leipzig

Orange Club @ Röhre / Stuttgart

Toy / Stuttgart

Mothership / Nürnberg

Butan / Wuppertal

Suite 15 / Regensburg

Underworld / Osnabrück

Empire / Trier

Stockwerk / Karlsruhe

1210er / Hirschau

Prison Club @ Alcatraz / Landau

MS Connexion / Mannheim

Climax / Stuttgart

Elektroküche / Köln

Vinylbox / Zwickau

Ego-Club / Ulm


Fame Festival 2006 / Tarragona ( Spain )

Thaibrak (2006)

Nature One Century Circus (2005)

Nature One (Airport-Bunker) / Kastellaun (seit 1998)

Winterworld (2005)

Liberty One / Türckheim (2001,2002)

SonneMondSterne / Saalburg ( 2001,2002)

Rave on Snow / Saalbach – Austria ( 2002-2005, 2007)

Summership Open Air / Nürnberg ( 2003-2005 )

Loveparade, Airport-Truck / Berlin (2000–2002)

Fantasia @ Kulturbrauerei / Berlin (2000)

Rave Shuttle / Wien–Austria (2000)

Love Base / Tauberbischofsheim (1998/99)