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London, United Kingdom


Universal Music, Vicious Bitch
Marble Beatport


No one can deny, when you look up from the dance floor and see that huge cheeky grin beaming out of the booth that he doesn’t feed his crowd with his passion, excitement and love for the music. A true master of his vocation; Marble’s ability to spin the crowd through a journey, and take them to a pinnacle that only someone with a true love for what he does could create. He enjoys it more than they do!

More than just a DJ he is an entertainer, in and out of the booth. Away from the decks his charm, enthusiasm, and infectious nature works the room from the moment he arrives until he leaves, which is usually at the end when everybody else has gone home. A producer, re-mixer, radio DJ, and artist extraordinaire. Marble is true gentleman, and an ambassador to his trade.

“From my early days with the then underground ‘Penge’ parties, I was amazed by the buzz I got from playing, on the bank of the River Thames in that disused warehouse, the atmosphere was pure electric, I never wanted my set to finish, I knew then that this is what I had to do”.

He soon became a resident, where he championed his unique chunky house sound to become one of their main characters. Since then he has been instrumental in their rise and popularity to one of Londons most exclusive parties.

“These last 8 years have been an amazing whirlwind of parties, clubs, beaches, and people. “I’ve met some of the most diverse and outrageous characters out there. Nothing else would have opened me up to such experiences.”

He has added numerous residencies to his ever growing portfolio including: Space at The Cross, Pacha, Fallen Angels @ Hanover Grand, Ministry Of Sound, Park End @ Oxford, Love-to-Lounge to add to countless guest appearances at Moneypennies, Love Puppy, Mischief, Soda and as far a field as Ibiza, Montpelier, Cyprus, Moscow, and of late Dubai, where he played to a crowd of 2,500 people on a beach.

There has even been a stint as radio DJ for CNSOHOLIVE Internet radio where he reached an audience as far as Australia, Canada and back again.

“It was great we would receive emails from people all around the world telling us how much they enjoyed the show”.

In the last few years he has really found himself within production and re-mixing.

“Production and re-mixing have really given me the chance to share and express myself through my music. Nothing compares to watching it really go on the dance floor when you’re playing your own records, and the crowd love it. I couldn’t think of a better compliment, after all they are the audience and they’ll be the judges. ”

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in dance music including icon and diva Jocelyn Brown, also remixing and producing for the Sugar Babes, and Pauline Henry, Kim Mazell, D-Kat, Kyla for which to date has entered into the top 30 Hype Chart (DJ Mag).

So what now…………..

As for the future, there’s another trip to Dubai in the pipeline, as well as Marbella, then Gran Canaria, the Penge world tour, and his own Seven Series record label tour. It looks like a busy year, but this is Marbles world and as Marble says “Its all good.”

Press: Mixmag, MOS Magazine, DJ, Q3, Clubs

Clubs: Pacha (London), The Cross, Legends, CeCe club, Heaven, Ministry of sound, Kensington roof gardens, Propaganda, Pop, Parkend Club (Oxford), Vibe bar, The Yacht Club , Leisure Lounge, Hanover Grand, Legends, Emporium, Nylon, Egg, Zap (Brighton) Aquarium, Dreamers (Marbella), First (Moscow) El devinos (Ibiza) Pinup (Ibiza) H.Q. (Birmingham) Le Dune (Montpelier)