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Manufactured Superstars

Denver, United States

House, Progressive House

Blu Music, Kontor Records, Magik Muzik
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The Manufactured Superstars’ main goal and fundamental idea is to play fun and energetic music to enhance the vibe and energy of any atmosphere. The dancfloor is never empty nor stationary when they take over the decks. They are not afraid to play records chart topping hits to keep the dance floor moving. They have exceptional skills of incorporating all types of music so effortlessly into their live acts. They truly put on a high-energy performance, as they fly through more than 100 tracks in a two-hour set.

The Manufactured Superstars are a U.S based electronic music duo consisting of two members; Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo. Although all DJ’s will argue that they are all unique in their own ways, these two energetic artists have a strikingly unique sound. They love mashing up popular electro, progressive, house, pop music, and any other genre of music, to make every tune their own. Brad and Shawn  are based in Denver, Colorado. These two ingenious minds also co-founded Beatport, which is not only the leading electronic music download store, but also the most influential company moving electronic music forward today.

Brad Roulier teamed up with Shawn Sabo to create the Manufactured Superstars in 2006. Since then, they have rocked the worlds of many, not only in night club settings from coast to coast, but also pumped up the biggest electronic music festivals. This ecclectic duo have talent in playing the music, putting on a vibrant show, and even producing the music as well. They have released many of their own tracks on Subliminal Records, Twisted, Sounds Like Music, Cutting Records, and countless others. Their remix of “Dancin’” on Subliminal Records reached the #1 spot on the top download site,, and stayed on top for many weeks. Las Vegas hosts a weekly radio show featuring live and new mixes of the Manufactured Superstars. Every Wednesday nights, they take over the Las Vegas airwaves from channel 94.7fm.


Brad Roulier, AKA B-Rad : Originally a Denver nativ After stumbling into the production business, Brad bringing his love and passion for the music and scene, quickly to become the leading promoter in Colorado. Not only has he lead The Church Nightclub and Vinyl nightclub for two consecutive years, having it be voted ‘Best Club’ by Club World Awards, but he had arguably delivered the hottest Saturday nights in the nation at Club Vinyl. Brad is undeniably a strong force in dance scene. Today, he hails as owner of the #2 nightclub in the U.S, as voted by DJMAG, Beta Nightclub. Beta does not only house the best sound system in the world, but also brings in the best and top talents, new and old, to Denver.

Shawn Sabo, AKA DJ Sabotage :: Shawn Sabo, a Denver transplant originally hailing from New Jersey, has made a remarkable impact on the electronic music scene as well. Not through house music, but with the drum-and-bass scene since 1997. Having been partners with D.Ecco, their production partnership had not only landed them headlining spots for drum-and-bass events all over the country, but also enabled them a strong record deal with one of the most esteemed labels in DnB, Ram Records. During their partnership, they have released over 20 commercial vinyl releases, alongside top selling albums that impacted the Drum-and-Bass world. Moving forward since then, continuing his journey, Shawn has been able to grow in his talent and passion in the production of music, taking over the mash-up genre with Brad, blowing up dance events all across the nation.

Stay tuned with the Manufactured Superstars. Great things are sure to come!