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San Francisco, United States


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DJ/Producer based in San Francisco.

Dem Suckaz Recordings.

Resident at You’re Welcome, a monthly at Monarch.

Live on, every Tuesday 8PM-10PM PST.

What to expect from this long haired lush depends on a lot. But have no fear, Mantranova is here. Behind the decks this man is a crowd favorite, pulling a variety of sounds from every corner of the sonic world. Never sounding the same, but always sounding himself, he leaves dancefloors panting and hungry for more time and time again. Having spent years honing his skills and gathering a library of personal favorites and polished gems that’d make the mere mortal stagger, Mantranova’s here to make a statement, and then some.

Although relatively new to the scene, this up-and-comer is already making his mark on San Francisco. As a member of Dem Suckaz Recordings, he’s been throwing parties around SF with the likes of Pan Pot, Blond:Ish, Hector, Hobo, Argy and more. Additionally, he quickly earned himself a residency at You’re Welcome, a beloved monthly party at world-famous Monarch. Here Mantranova, having shared the decks with all stars such as Mr. C, Joyce Muniz, Kate Simko, Claptone, The Drifter, Samo Sound Boy, Goldcap, Oona Dahl, Dean Grenier, and Pearson Sound just to name a few, has polished his opening skills, has had ample time in the limelight, and proven that no matter who’s on the lineup he’s sure to be the perfect piece in dance music’s deliciously diverse jigsaw puzzle.