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DJ Mantis is a Florida-born DJ/Turntablist/Producer who’ been spinning on and off for about ten years. He started with hip-hop in 1989, and was quickly drawn to the “true” underground scene (down south). He later spent some time in San Diego, CA and then moved to the DC/Baltimore area. Experiencing the scene in such vast areas across the United States has given him a unique style of mixing a broad spectrum of Break Beats, House, and Trance. He specifically spins BREAK BEATS (Funky, Progressive, Electro, Old School, and Vocal), HOUSE (Funky, Progressive, Disco, Tech, and Vocal), and TRANCE.

Mantis’ Florida roots are prevalent in his work and his hip-hop roots are noticeable during performances. He gives a fantastic show every time he gets behind the tables, and likes to get involved with the crowd, keeping them interested in what he’ doing while leaving them energized at the same time. He would eventually like to evolve and give live performances of his own music.

Currently, Mantis is building music production networks in Florida, DC, and Baltimore. In Florida, he’ working on teaming up with Superfly Jeff (previously with Future Records) who’ now starting his own label (to be announced in the future) and Alex at Drop shop Records, both located in Orlando, Florida. In the DC/Baltimore area, he’ teamed up with DJ Legba at Friends Collective and has formed a Turntablist duo called “Florida Groovers” who mix tag team sets and work on production projects. As for his producing, you’ll have to keep an eye out for his work!