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An integral part of the Innerflight record label and music collective, Manos exemplifies a fresh and funky groove that pulses with prismatic energy to stimulate the mind, open the heart, and move the body. His distinctly playful, trickster style is expressed in his namesake, taken from an evil deity in an obscure 1960s low-budget horror movie. But it’s not all cheap thrills with Manos…

Known for dosing Seattle dance floors with everything from acid-laden techno and house to reverie-inducing experimental and starry-eyed electronica, his musical adventures traverse divergent sonic terrains but nearly always venture into psychedelic territory. Legend has it that Manos’ kaleidoscopic style crystallizes during the enchanted wee hours of the morning, where his intuition and intention twinkle within his signature “breakfast-style” sets, providing a feast for the ears and flights of fantasy for the mind. At once sensuous and sentient, bizarre and macabre, his motley assortment of muses include the mid 90s Minneapolis EDM scene of his youth, industrial, punk, and hip-hop albums of the late 80s/early 90s, and his father’s record collection. Presently, this penchant for dissent and the transgressive has aligned with his bohemian spirit, awakening an enigmatic yet unmistakable artistic sensibility that resonates on multiple levels with dancers and heads alike.

If you’re looking for Manos, you won’t find him catering to the tastes of the masses or scanning top downloads for beats. You’re more likely to catch him digging for overlooked and abstruse musical treasures or dabbling with his own sounds in the studio, where he’s been refocusing his energy since 2008. Whether rocking an all-night underground party at the break of dawn or sharing the bill with such diverse megawatt talents as: The Flashbulb, Three, Phil Western, Mike Monday, Noah Pred, Bassnectar, Freaky Chakra, or Luke Solomon, Manos consistently funks up the dance floor, shaking the booties and expanding the minds of the vibrant Northwest underground of which he is a passionate and deeply rooted element.