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Boise, United States

Breaks, Dubstep

AKA: Madmen

Blues Alley Records, Copyright Control 2011, Manic
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A native of Warsaw, Poland, Manic grew up moving from place to place, but eventually found his home in Boise, Idaho in 1993. Manic started his journey in the EDM scene during his high school years. The scene was very small at the time and events would happen only a few times a year, but they proved to be a substantial musical influence. The love for the music started to grow with every event Manic attended; sometimes even going to the extreme of traveling out of state just to catch a glimpse of “superstar” DJs rocking the masses.

In 1998, Manic was in a car accident that left him with some extra cash flow. Not knowing what to do next, he spent a few months deliberating whether or not he should buy another vehicle. Instead, he purchased two turntables, mixer, and 30 records.

After being locked in his room, carefully learning the way of the DJ, he released his very first mix CD. From this mix, he received his very first gig at a club night called Space, ran by Chris Le, a very enthusiastic, lovable DJ from Philly.

Shortly after this gig, Manic exploded onto the Boise EDM scene with the NU NRG sound that nobody was playing.

Later on, Manic and a couple of his close friends, Justin LaBorde and Chris Boss, took over the Space and renamed it BPM. This was one of the longest running club nights in Boise, which lasted almost two and half years. It started with one night a week, but, by the end of its success, BPM happened three times a week. Manic had the opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest names of that era: Tinrib, Max, Scott Stubs, and DJ Jurgen, producer of Alice Deejay.

Nonetheless, as they say, all good things must come to an end. So, with the club closing down, Manic took a break for few years. During his break, Manic stayed in tune with EDM and fell in love with breakbeats. In 2007, Manic got the itch to get back in the game. He got a few gigs at a local club called Babylon, from which he received his opportunity to show everyone that he still had what it takes to be a DJ on NYE 2008. One of the DJs was forced to cancel due to an accident, so Manic got his spot and opened up for Seattles club, DJ Lifeguard.

The response was more than positive from everyone! He quickly started getting booked at local and semi-local events. Manic was introduced to a great crew in Bend, Oregon called Slipmat Science; they gave him the opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest names in the business: 30hz (Lot49), General Midi (Lot49), and SPL (Hollow Point Recordings), to name a few.

Manic also had his chance to play at Boise’s biggest event, Esthetic Evolution. He got to share the main stage with Sig Gris (Opulent Temple), and, on the second stage, he played with NW superstars, Adam Nicewonger and international producer, Ott.