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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Progressive House, Tech House

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Mateja Bogataj a.k.a. manatea is an energetic young DJ from Slovenia, one of the first and still few representatives of the fairer sex that are, alongside male DJs, helping to create the electronic scene in Slovenia.

She entered the world of electronic music “long ago”, in 2002, when turntables were still the mandatory equipment of every nightclub and when groovy music played off vinyl still ruled the scene. This is how she came to fall in love with vinyl herself.

Her career began in the now unfortunately defunct club Heaven, where she was also the resident DJ. In 2003 and 2006 she participated in the Final Flash competition and unexpectedly placed in the final.

In 2005 she rocked everybody at the SamoDaJeFeshta In The City competition at the “Koper Night” and, even though she was not victorious, found victory in the ever-important challenge of the competition, namely satisfying the music-hungry crowd. The Bacardi Breezer Tour took place in the summer of 2007, when she and three other female DJs handled promotions at events all across Slovenia. Each of the DJs represented one flavour of Bacardi Breezer, as well as one type of sophisticated musical selection.

In 2008 she cooperated with the Gorenje Group, one of the leading European manufacturers of home appliances, at one of the biggest exhibitions of consumer electronics in Europe – the IFA in Berlin.

The same as every serious DJ she is, time permitting, also working on her own production.

May 2009 saw the release of the single Till The End Of Time that was featured on the compilation Occupation compilation vol. 7 under the name EX (created in cooperation with Leemajik).

Her love of different sub-genres of house music means that she never settled on one style only, feeling that a broad spectrum gives her a better chance of manipulating the crowd. She feels closest to progressive, electro and funky house rhythms with added vocals that give the set a special kind of charm. For a few years now she has been drawn to drum’n’bass where she is able to satisfy her bass addiction. As she puts it herself: “It is a whole different perspective, you have to understand this music and, most of all, know how to get it.”

Her sets – that are usually not premeditated, but rather come from the heart – could be heard in clubs all across Slovenia, for example K4, Sub Sub, Top, Bachus, Cvetličarna Mediapark, Simfonija, Casablanca, Heaven, Impulz, Alaya, Tivoli, Fun Academy (CRO), Code bar (CRO), IFA 2008 (Berlin-GE) and many others.

She has spun alongside David Morales and other famous Slovene and foreign DJs.