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Mama Miche

United States


AKA: Miche Stirling

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Bitchin’ is Kenzie Clarke and Mama Miche: best friends since ‘04, licensed unicorn trainers, accomplished wearers of wild outfits, and the reigning Queens of Beats n’ Bass in North America. Since their fateful meeting at a Valentine’s Day party—Miche in a mullet and silk pajamas, Kenzie as the sorceress—the two have been relentless in their quest for global dance floor domination. The Bitchin’ strategy is simple: dropping an endless onslaught of fun and funky bass-bombs on party people’s heads.

Whenever a female DJ act comes up, people waste their time talking about them being girls and not boys. Bitchin’ proves that topic irrelevant. Bitchin’ is rugged beats and raw dog bass. That Kenzie and Miche happen to be women matters not. Not only can Bitchin’ hang. They can—and will—destroy. The Bitchin’ sound, developed over five years of playing together, is singular and eclectic, leaving no dance genres alone. House, techno, electro, disco, 80s funk, booty breaks, whatever. If it’s a bomb, it will be dropped.

Like any successful partnership, Bitchin’ works because each half brings their own toolkit to the table. Kenzie, originally from Vancouver island and now living in Edmonton and a weekly resident at The Common, has an encyclopedic knowledge of dance music and a keen ear for fresh sounds. For her part, Mama Miche has over ten years experience in promotions and artist and tour management—first with Mother’s Cupboard, now with Stirling Agency, repping acts like Nick Thayer, Will Bailey, Torro Torro, Smalltown DJs, Wax Romeo and Mat the Alien. From her home base in Calgary, Miche brings business savvy and a deep understanding of what it takes to fill a room with enthusiastic party-goers.

While they both had burgeoning DJ careers before they hooked up, the two-woman Bitchin’ formation has vaulted them to new heights. In spite of operating from different postal codes, the pair has landed gigs around the world, alongside major electronic acts like Classixx, LA Riots, Steve Aoki, Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, Fort Knox 5, Malente, Bassnectar and Glitch Mob. Together Kenzie and Miche have filled dancefloors all over Canada, UK, Spain, Miami and Hawaii. They are also permanent fixtures on Canada’s lively outdoor rave scene, playing for huge crowds at premiere electronic music festivals like Soundwave and Shambhala.

Needless to say, they’re loving every minute of it. Miche sums it up, “I just want to —rock out and play great music with my best friend—really, could it get any better?"

No, it could not

Bio by Neil Simonton