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Michael “MALO” Lauzardo, formerly Slip187, is a Miami native and has been a prevalent face in the South Florida music scene for nearly 15 years. With his genre bending style he has held countless Miami residencies as a musician/DJ and rocked scores of US cities including but not limited to: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Denver, and Shreveport. MALO has shared the stage and been featured aside artist such as: Freestyle, Tommie Sunshine, Mighty Fools, Disco Villans, DJ ICEY, Stanton Warriors and many more. His work as a producer has gained cross-genre, chart-topping success with releases and remixes on illeven:eleven, Bombeatz, PLAY ME records, Digital Records, Universal Music, Electrico, Black Magic Records, Promo Records & his own imprint Gigabeat.. MALO’s tracks are charted and supported by the likes of DJ Icey, Reid Speed, Plaza De Funk, Keith Mackenzie, Dominic B (Stanton Warriors), Black Noise, Dave Noller (Dynamix II) DJ Fixx & many more. With current tracks appearing on mixes by Agent K & Bella, Specter, Reid Speed and countless projects in the works MALO shows on plans on slowing down.


Original Tracks: – MALO “Nasty Boyz” (Gigabeat /Electrico)

- MALO “I Like Big Bass” (Gigabeat /Electrico)

- MALO “Lollipop” (Gigabeat /Electrico)

- MALO “Don’t You Know Who I Am” (Gigabeat /Electrico) – Slip 187 “Albino Shape Shifting Lizard Bitches” (Gigabeat /Electrico)

- Slip 187 “A Night In Heaven With Joe Pena” (Gigabeat /Electrico)

- Slip187 & Synapse “Jell-O (Makes The Girls Wiggle)” (Gigabeat / Electrico)

- Slip187 “Get Down feat. MCR” (Gigabeat / Electrico)

- Slip 187 “Peach Schnapps (The We Can’t Afford To License The Vocal Mix)” (Gigabeat / Electrico

- Slip187 “8 Bit Girls Love Bass” (Gigabeat)

- Slip187 “The Project Mayhem EP” (DataBass Music / Project Mayhem)

- Slip187 “187 Sounds of Miami” (DataBass Music) Official


- Disco Villians – Crickets – MALO Remix (TBD)

- Wizard Sleeve “Hipster Slut” – MALO’s Sword In The Stone Remix (TBD)

- Stupid Fresh feat Stellar MC “Not Gonna Stop” – MALO Remix (Bombeatz)

– Baymont Bross Feat Darrison

– Can’t keep MALO’s el malisimo remix (The Pooty Club) – Tits & Clits feat. BECCI “Pillpopper”

- MALO Remix (Gigabeat/Bombeatz)

- Viro & Rob Analyze feat. Hard Target “Smack” – MALO Remix (Bombeatz)

- Defunct feat. Whiskey Pete “Goodyear Pimp” – MALO ‘s Awesomesauce Remix (Bombeatz)

- Lea Luna “Leaving For Mars” – MALO Remix (PLAY ME Records)

- Quadrat Beat “Spike” – MALO Remix (illeven:eleven)

- Tits & Clits “Fist Of Steel” – Malo Remix) (Gigabeat / Electrico)

- Eartight “Eartight Electro” – Slip187’s Canastilla Cubana Remix" (Gigabeat / Electrico)

- Eartight “Grinder” – Slip187’s Meatgrinder Mix (Gigabeat / Electrico)

- Freestyle “Don’t Stop The Rock” – Slip187’s Shanghai Shampoo Remix (EMG)

- Sindri “Bumpin Grind” – Slip187 Remix (Black Magic Records)

- Robin Steel & Ready 45 “2099” – Slip187’s Breakbeat Mix (Gigabeat / Electrico)

- Bella “Baby, Baby, Baby”

- Slip187 Remix (Digital Records) – Haiducci "Dragostino Den Ti " – Slip187 Breaks Mix (Empire Musicwerks / Universal)

Unofficial Remixes & (GIGABOOTS):

– Ludacris" How Low Can You Go" – MALO’s Trash Bag Remix"

- Gucci Mane" Wasted – MALO’s Tight Jean Mix"

- Swedish House Mafia "Leave The World Behind "- MALO WMC 2010 REFRESH REMIX

- Pryda “From Miami To Atlanta”- MALO remix

- Madcon “Beggin”- MALO’s pluckstastic re rub

- LMFAO “I’m In Miami Bitch” – Slip went Malo’s Pac Jam Mix

- Fanny Pack “Camel toe” – I heart Mooseknuckle Slip187 Mix

- Justice vs. Simian “We Are Your Friends”- Slip187’s “187 Kills Your Friends Mix”

- Klass “Ride Like The Wind”- Slip187’s Break Wind Mix

- Baby Anne “BQ2”-Slip187 remix – Peter, Bjorn & John “Young Folks” – Slip187 Remix

- Unknown Artist “Miami Beach” – Slip187 Remix

- Aphrodite “Sometimes”- Slip187 Mix

Currently Projects:

Remixing Robb G – Crazy MOFO for Promo Only

and some big Collaborations in the works!

Charts & Media:

MALO has been featured artist on (Felix The Housecat’s blog)

MALO has been featured artist on

MALO has been featured artist on

MALO’s tracks & Remixes have reached #1 on the Juno Download charts on Electro Breaks, Breaks & Electro House

MALO’s tracks & Remixes have reached #1 on

MALO’s tracks & Remixes have reached #1 on

MALO’s tracks & Remixes have achieved top 20 success on Beatport

MALO’s Label has been a featured label on Beatport, Trackitdown, Masterbeat, & Jamvana



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