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Maksim Dark


AUTHENTISCH, Baroque Records, Benny Records
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Maksim Dark – (Live DJ) Was born in the distant Ural, in Serov, Russia. He developed his passion for music in early adolescence. At 16 years of age he began to engage and experiment with music. He had plenty of ideas but was too young to afford expensive studio equipment and space. That didn’t stop him from making his first 100 releases on the cheapest pair of speakers.Discovering the darker style of music for the first time, Maksim felt an intense adrenaline rush throughout his body. He was inspired to create something similar of his own, so he began by listening to all kinds of sounds while sitting in a room with the lights off, in a complete darkness. His own signature dark minimal sound was born. At present Maksim still passionately works on improving his technique, blending different styles and incorporating new elements to create a completely unique sound, a sound which does not have a name yet.