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Major 12 Inch

Newry, United Kingdom


Infexious Recordings
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Major 12 Inch first got an ear for music at the early age of 7. Having a father as a drummer and encouraging musician, he quickly picked up and self taught himself to drum to anything put in front of him. As time went on his passion for up-tempo music was apparent. He started taking an interest in the very early electronic music tunes slowly being put into the industry, 12 years ago at the age of 10 to be precise! At 13 he got a set of the worst worn out belt drives you could imagine. For two long years he struggled to beat match (obviously due to the dodgy belt drives)! In this time he spent every penny on records, all sorts, and started getting a buzz of trance music and the early Ibiza tunes saturating Radio 1 and Cd shops. As the record/ CD collection started to mount up my interest in the live radio one shows with the likes of Judge Jules, Dave Pearce grew giving him something to aim for and mix like. This started influencing his style of mixing and tune choice. Little did he realize that this was just the beginning of a long road of influential listening (more recently Eddie Halliwell, Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes, Lisa Pin-up, Andy Whitby and the slower end of music from dirty funky house up to hard dance). Shortly after he started looking for any type of work associated with djing, birthdays and then formals and hated it! To his joy Major 12 Inch landed a DJ residency at a Teen Disco at the Tain holiday village playing 2hours a night 7 days a week all of the summer! It was this start and what gave him the courage to this day to play in front of any size of crowd with total confidence. At 18 he got interested in producing and was hooked instantly. With 9 tunes under his belt and countless remixes, he continues to this day working alone and with other producers creating the tunes of the future. He traveled Europe to see all the major dance events and festivals, again all influencing Major 12 Inch in terms of music production and mixing. At 19 he realized the only way forward was to acquire Technics 1210s, p600 mixer, CD decks and a small recording/production studio. From there it’s all been a blur, doing many gigs both indoor and out! To the current date, Major 12 Inch has played as far away as Turkey, has headlined 26 club nights in Northern Ireland in the last year and a half, and warmed up for Ryan MAxwell, Montanna, EddieWray, Tizer , Agnelli & Nelson, Cally & Juice and international superstar DJ Lisa Pin-up in 2005.2006 sees a new residency in Squires Newry along with guest appearances in Bangor, Newcastle, Belfast, Portrush, Banbridge and Derry. As well as this he also runs his own dance events, run at least once a month in a different location around Northern Ireland working with the top promoters of N.Ireland. When he’s not DJing, he concentrates all his time running his own promotions company in which he has 6 resident Djs which tour round N.Ireland. For more info see or PLAYEDNewry – Club Tabu, Squires & The PittBelfast – Dukes, Club Tonic & PreciousBangor – Club TaoDerry – The Nerve CentrePortrush – Traks ComplexUp Coming Gigs:Banbridge – The CoachNewry – Outdoor stage (Halloween 06)+ once a month guest appearence around N.Ireland