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Maji Vines

Phoenix, United States


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Creating unique music is what this artist is truly known for. Talent’s such as corrupting the mix with pure depth in composer and advanced timing technics define his style. His performance indulges the Listener and takes him on a Journey through sound altered dreams – an illusive kingdom of vivid colors.

……A place to find yourself………

The Maji’s musical roots have sprung from the deepest well’s of Central Florida. This is where a true anomaly was born for the underground scene. The Artist has DJ’d for over18 years. Since his early start in the mid 90’s he produced over 51 releases on his own labels and 50 additional releases in diverse collaboration projects with other very talented and leading artist.

The Maji thought “progressive” in 1998; that electronica needed a lot more support and he had a vision of the growth potential. Thus he created the American & European label’s Pangea, Pangea UK, Pangea Digital, 1shot and 1shot Digital. His first international release “This World" obtained worldwide recognition. ”This World“ stormed the charts and went #1 after its debut at the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami Beach 2002. His label Pangea was also awarded as the #1 progressive label in America by Hooj Choons in 2004 and holds this honored title till today. The major sucess and proven track record as performing artist presents The Maji globaly as a well known pioneere and trend setter in electronica.

Life has taken The Maji to Miami Beach. At his new home base he produces music by himself and in collaboration projects with various artist, producers and vocalist all across the planet. The Maji has produced remixes, cd compilations, and original songs with great success and international recognition.

He is aiming to perform his eclectic collection to his audience, while presenting his sound like no other is the next step. The Maji in-visions a four-corner-Tour with a new concept incorporating 3D-visuals, fiber-optic sounds supported by choreographed dancers.

So look forward to get involved and to experience a never before realized staged performance by a progressive leader – The Maji.