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Pribram, Czech Republic

House, Minimal

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Dj Maiky from Pribram, about 60 kilometers from Prague.

On the Czech dance scene since 1999, has accumulated over the years many DJs’ experience, which made ​​it a universal type of course DJ plays favorite style without limitation, in its feeling and mood of the audience.

I like to experiment, and therefore the sets are so colorful and always in demand.

The first DJ steps was enacted in disco clubs and Pribram area.

As time passed and experience grew, and grew chance to present their music in clubs feeling Snack Pribram, where he was a resident of 5 years. Later come the first major play in Prague clubs:MECCA,DUPLEX,PEKELNEJ BAR,RETRO,CLUB 77,LIFE CAFE MUSIC,PRDEL CLUB

Today Dj Maiky dedicated internet radio FREEMUSICRADIO Pribram first Internet radio station aimed at the dance scene.

There has since 2009 regular radioshow.

It also discusses his own work and mix well-known track, organizing the party.

In year 2011, he got straight to Switzerland to Geneva, where he played 8 months in the most prestigious clubs:


On his account is already nearly 400 live set in all styles.Progressive-House,Happy-House,Deep-House,Tech-House,Minimal-Techno,Techno,Drum and Bass,ChillOut,is not a style that would be tried.

Maiky performed with:

Carl Cox,Bob Sinclair,Marco Marioti,50 Cent,Puff Daddy,Mirco Many,Chris Sadler,Dj MarcoS,Dan Cooley,Revolt,Michael C,Adlet,Dj Yan Dark,Dj Fun,Flyplender,Hozzy,Carrione aka Diesel Phunk,Looky,Luppi Clarke,Jerry Sky,Trent,Richard Baird(UK),John Happy,Niclas,Mr.Point,2B Project,Slava Bloch,Mira Smarda,Katcha,Thom-son,Dj Robo(Collapse sound system),Dj Duff(Substance-DProject),Kactus,Boora,Honey,Roman Lettl,Joseph San Dor,F1DO,Jechi,Beza,EM-EF,Jiry,Luke Miller,Marty XL,Kristian Bass,