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Maia K

Paris, France

Electro House, House

Chic Flowerz Digitalic
Maia K Beatport


Maia was born in Paris from a Vietnamese-Senegalese mother and a Dutch-Kabyle-Catalan father.

She started as a Dj in April 2002, thanks to an acquaintance in Mexico, where she mixes with Bibi and Matt Samo from “Africanism” Label.

Following that performance she gets her first permanent residence as a Dj at the Pacha in Napoli.

She learned about mixing with Dj Hostile (hip hop) and Sven Love, permanent resident at Cheers (garage), and soon felt at ease in front of the deck/turnables.

She now plays Tech-House sound, in a sensuous, dynamic and eclectic style.

Maia mixes seldom in French clubs but quite a lot abroad. Within a few years, Maia K mixed in Tunisia, Italy, Mexico, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Switzerland, Holland, etc.

In Paris she was to be heard at the Red Light, at the Wagg, the 287, at the Folie’s Pigalle, at the Fabrique, at Regine’s, etc.

Maia also belongs to an association of Djs (je sais pas comment traduire “collectif”) called Shake, to which called Shake, to which Vincent Giumelli and Tito also belong.

Recently, she has been mixing along with David Vendetta, Didier Sinclair, Paul Johnson and excellent Wally Lopez (Pacha- Ibiza).