Magix Beatport


He was about 11 years of age when he first got into the whole “Dance music industry” by listening to the 10 O’Clock Street mixes on b96 back in the day with Mixin’ Marc, Dj Markski, Bobby D., To Kool Chris, Tim Spinnin’ Schommer and a few other mixmasters playing their mixes on air. Being bored one night and tuning around on the radio ‘til i heard some techno beats…changed his life forever. Wanting to be a DJ just like them was one of the biggest motivations ever from buying mix cd’s to tape cassettes. Starting out on Sonic Foundry 4.5 where the beginning steps of this new trend of hobbies for magix and throughout years of usage, mastering the programs and finding more tools, alot has been learned and discovered to take many things to advanced levels! But still at an early age, Magix has learned a lot and has received the needed resources to furthermore take the “dreams” beyond hope. So stick around and watch this young Chi-Town dj do what most can’t!