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Wiesbaden, Germany

Electronica, Minimal


Maggo saw the light of day in the early 1980s in the little city Hünfeld in the south of the state of hesse. In the age of five he moved to the state capital Wiesbaden. Wiesbaden is 30 minutes away from the techno metropolis Frankfurt am Main.

In the age of nine he became interested in music and it took not a log time until he found something new and unique. It was electronic music which was just called techno at this time. For the most people this music was just crash but not for him.

Everything started with the “HR3 Clubnight” a dj show of a radio station of the Hessischer Rundfunk on which djs like Torsten Fenslau, Sven Väth, Heinz Felber, Mark Spoon, DJ Dag, Talla 2XLC and Ulli Brenner were performing on a regular basis.

After he got a dj mixtape with electronic music from a classmate in 1992 – a mix of various kinds of styles like Acid, Trance, Hardcore, Gabber and Techno – he became interested in the work behind the scenes. He began to buy records and got into mixing them together.

Thanks to a special friend he learned the handcraft of a dj very quickly and soon he developed his own individual style of techhouse, acid, techno, progressive beats und rhythms. The first bookings for little and big parties followed rapidly.

Later the first residence in the club “Basement” in Wiesbaden followed. There he designed the dominical afterhour-party from august 2001 until the end of 2002. It took not long until Maggo inspired a cult following. After that further bookings for the prime time followed.

At this time Maggo had another project. With Dj Funghi he formed the Dj-team “Schall und Rauch” which provided the sound for a lot of parties. The project was cancelled in 2003.

Shortly after the club “Big Apple” in Wiesbaden became the “Dexter-Neuclub” in 2003 a further residence followed there. Afterwards more bookings for little and big parties followed for instance at the “MTW” in Frankfurt or the “Fantasy” in Bensheim. At the club “Fantasy” in Bensheim Maggo was resident dj from 2002 until 2004.

In September 2002 Maggo began to extend his spectrum and started to produce music. In the following years he was intensively engaged in the subject and technology of the production of electronic music.

Maggo backed out of the dj business to concentrate on other things in January 2005. In the time after that he never discontinued to be crazy about the music and he is still rocking the turntables. Nevertheless his attention was on the production of electronic music.