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Medellín, Colombia

Open Format, Techno

Dropkick Records, Drops, Sesque Music
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“She is overbold and she plays techno with balls”, that’s what they say.

Magdalena started Dj-ing in 2003. Two years later she won the Nokia Contest which gave her the chance to play with Moby, Darren Emerson, and Ferry Corsten. She was also the finalist of the Heineken Thirst contest that same year. This young woman emerged into the electronic music scene to stay.

In the upcoming years she became resident of some of the most important clubs in Bogotá, such as La Sala, Cinema, Cha Cha, and started gigging around the country. In 2007 she moved to London and had a couple of gigs which redefined her style and her career thanks to all the new information and knowledge she acquired there.

Back to Colombia in 2009, she had her first gig in Ecuador at the festival “Roto Fest”. Thanks to her successful presentation she was repeatedly invited back to Ecuador to play at Chongon Parade, Surf&Beat Festival, Sunset Beach Party, Guayaquil, Quevedo, Cuenca, Playas, and finally at the recognized club El Blues in Quito.

In 2012 she traveled to Mexico and played some gigs around el DF and also played at Yolotl festival in Teotihuacan. Since the beginning of her career she has been a part of national events like Bogotrax, Beatcrusher, Freedom, Radikal Styles and more. Parallel to her Dj career, she started producing in 2010 and in 2011 released her first EP. Since then she has signed with Techsound Records, Dropkick, Drops, and Business Class Records, just to name a few.

Magdalena´s other passion is singing but because this doesn’t fit too well with techno she started her Magdalena Solo Project around 2010. The project sounds like a mix between electronica and trip hop or as the recognized producer Phil Vinall said to her, “It is like if Marianne Faithfull meets Yoko Ono”. With this project she was invited to BalconyTv where she won a contest to be part of the HagalaU compilation. Afterward, she played at Festival Hertz and was recently invited to play at microMUTEK, the small version of the MUTEK festival that was held in Bogota in October of 2014. She has also signed with the labels Joprec from Germany and Soundhitectures from Slovenia.

With always being ambitious while being incapable of staying quiet and waiting for things to happen, she decided in 2013 to start her own label. Broken Mind Recordings released its first digital EP and almost a year later at the beginning of 2014, the label started to release in vinyl, adding to the family big names of underground techno like Mick Finesse, Pinion, and Donor. These two releases have received support from artists like Perc, Adriana Lopez, Cari Lekebusch, Psyk, Max Cooper, DJ Squirt, and more.

She also hosts a podcast called Broken Mind Podcast on

She is now working on the second record for her label which will be her first release in vinyl and will feature a remix from Myles Sergé.