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Mademoiselle Jayne

Paris, France

AKA: Jayne Mancip

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Dj & Sound designer ( Resident Sketch London) MademoiselleJayne WAS RadiO Sex mOde’s programming Director in Link with SEX MODE & DIGESTION Digital Magazine She signs sound editorials for the radiO . Her Creations have sights of confessions where interweaves conversations and delectations . Different journalistic ‘s subject are treated through music as : Censorshirp / If Fashion Doesn’t exist ? / Radio Active for Japan. From a Clash Electro & Rock background, She rides the minimalistic’s waves with a powerfull energy when she interacts as a Dj . References: YSL event UK / The ART Room Paris / Sketch London / Chez Maxim’s Paris / WhO’s Next Paris 2011 / Swiss Re Tower Private Lounge / Hilton Park Lane London / Paul Bocuse Mandarin Hotel Geneva / Le Pin Up Bar Paris / 3.9.6 rue St Honoré / John Galliano , Pierre Hardy and Stella Mc Cartney fashion after show Paris.