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Jorge Vasconcelos Reynoso ,Dj and producer .since he was 13 he was attracted by electronic music specially techno-break beats with jazz and funk influences . he also liked to play drums and mess with synthesizers . At the age of 14 jorge started to mix with cdjs and decided to make his own music using basic software.when he was 18 he started to study audio engineering and sound design at G Martell College, 6 months later he worked as a sound designer on audio post-production advertising work for tv, radio and film. Made To Move music is now played by top djs and producers like: John Digweed , Dave Seaman,Hernan Cattaneo,Sander Kleinenberg,Dimitri Nakov, Antix,Fiord,Götzlich Jamnes Monro, Eelke Kleijn Presslaboys,Kasey Voorn among others. The housey, deep tech grooves have been a sensation on international playlists.