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Made Of Light

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The group Made of Light is a collaboration of two artists: Melodyman and Claudio CSC.

Two people eclectic: a deejay (dj CSC) and a pianist (melodyman).

They formed a union and a synergy of “Electronic Renaissance”. They like to say that they have joined “The Power of Technology with the magnificence of the melody.”

They started making music together in 1996. Their early productions were purely progressive, rich harmonies and melody. The first of their songs were intended for various Europeans progressive artist, especially Italians djs (we must remember the phenomenon of “Mediterranean progressive”). Claudio & csc Melodyman in 2002 with the collaboration of two Italian musicians (Sun & Fly Liba) undertook the production of dance music under the pseudonym “Dejoint.” They were sold several thousand copies of the hit “Just a game.” In 2005, the era of commercial dance music finshed and the group broke up than Claudio csc Melodyman decided to undertake the production of lounge music. Their songs were composed of ethereal sounds and hypnotic melodies. The project was called “ProgressiveOrchestra”.

After careful reflection CSC & Mel. decided to return to their great passion: music progressive trance.

So, in 2008 with the name Made of Light began their first new project: an ep consisting of 3 songs. pure progressive trance with the label “The Dominion” Bliss co music

In 2009, born her second work called “London ep” always composed of three songs. The electronic sounds are more powerful but still melodic. Label : “The Dominion” Bliss co music.

Made of Light like to say to themselves >

In 2011 they completed their last work: "Girl Passing By " a song of pure trance. The project includes a version of the super trance Dutch duo “Ernesto vs Bastian” and a version of the rising star of trance Will Dukster.

Claudio csc : Claudio was born on the 1th of November 1981, and was raised in Turin, Italy. When he was a child, he always wanted to become a musician. He wanted to create and share his unique and passionate style of music with the world. Music is a part of Claudio’s family, and he grew up listening to 70’s, 80’s, Pop, Rock & Roll, House and Disco Dance music. Claudio has loved dance music most of his life.

At the age of 16, Claudio wanted to produce music, with friends teaching him the music programs Pro tools and Cubase. He spent many hours learning the ins and outs of producing music.

He discovered that writing and producing trance and dance tracks fulfilled his musical life. Claudio works hard on every project, including original work and remixes.He has been quoted as saying, “Don’t be a prisoner of your own style.”

He has described his musical style as “, euphoric, melodic and energetic.”

CSC has always had his own studio and works alone the majority of the time. He has never employed an engineer, claiming he does not want the music to be altered by one.Since 2001, CSC has released many tracks on different labels with increasing success. His first big success was “Just a game” by Dejoint .. (C-ut Records) at the age of 22.

CSC’s tracks have been played across the world from Europe to down under Australia.

In October 2002 CSC started his own radio show on G-Radio .

In this weekly two-hour show, entitled ‘’Le Voyage in FM’’, he plays the latest popular dance-trance music tracks.Claudio csc began his DJ career at club Mitho in Turin where he was a resident DJ for many time .Now he work like a Deejay in all Europe, from Italy to Holland .. and like a producer in his Recordings studio in Milan, producing and working with many pseudonym ( Claudio CSC in fact is MADE OF LIGHT / DEJOINT AND PROGRESSIVE ORCHESTRA ) for many labels like Bliss co music, Mdjaxx, Hitland , Bionica and more …