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Madd Soundz

Chicago, United States



DJ MaddSound was born in 1970 in the mean streets of Chicago, the Home of House Music. He became interested in House in 1984 and started to mix in the 1985. He continued on the Wheels of Steel until 1990, when he took a vacation to Puerto Rico that turned into 5 years. Once he returned to Chi-Town, he traded in the turntables for CDs and in 2000 upgraded to MP3s and Virtual DJ soon after. For the past 6 years he has been working on many mix tapes including the “HousaHolic” and “Street Mix” series. He is very well known for his Old School Chicago House sets and Hip Hop and R&B sets known as Street Style. Street Style is a genre that he created that involves Urban hits that are remixed live with two copies of the same track with some Funky House feel. Keep an eye open for DJ MaddSound as he will be popping up in a club near you…You can here DJ MaddSound mixing live Sunday’s at 7:00pm GMT -6 on Virtual DJ Radio.