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Madd (Hu)

Budapest, Hungary

Drum & Bass, Dubstep

3.5 Records, Black Box, Boka Records
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DJ MADD (Black Box, Wheel & Deal, Osiris) – HU

Unless you were particularly ‘in the know’, you could be forgiven for

thinking DJ Madd had exploded onto the underground music scene from

nowhere. Those with a keen ear, however, would know that the last 3 years

has seen a talented producer with a committed work ethic receive the

attention he richly deserves.

With a background in D&B and a love of all things bass-related,

Hungarian-born Peter Simon gravitated towards the low-end sonics of

dubstep in 2008, with early releases on the well-respected Boka Records

and the reggae-vibed War series of white labels.

In 2009 he caught the ear of those behind the fledgling Black Box imprint,

and together artist & label have gone on to become recognized today as

leaders in the dubstep scene. From the Black Box debut release (Someone

b/w Breakage Remix), through to his masterful Blank Space EP &

Transmissions Mix CD, and onwards to his forthcoming debut album, Madd has

been a defining influence on the sound and direction of the label.

Furthermore, he has attracted the attention of other flagship dubstep

brands, releasing 12"s on Osiris Music and Wheel & Deal, enjoying regular

play from Rinse and BBC Radio DJs, and playing Caspa’s infamous Dub Police

event at Fabric.

Following a year of intensive gigging across Europe, Madd has now

relocated to England in order to cement his position among dubstep’s

leading producers and DJs.

(words by Thinking)