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Madame Mercury

San Francisco, United States


Mad Wax, StreetBeat Records, Inc.
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DJ Madame Mercury, raised since the age of 1 in the beautiful city of San Francisco, has been DJing since 1996. She discovered her love for funky break beats and electro dancing at the raves of the mid 1990’ admiring the likes of DJ Dan, Simply Jeff, DJ Voodoo, Uberzone and DJ Icey as well as San Francisco’s own local underground breaks DJs.

Her great love for the music she heard at the parties brought her to ordering her first few records, and then purchasing a used NuMark mixer and pair Technic turntables in which she taught herself how to spin. In school full time getting her Bachelors of Arts in Industrial Arts and Computer Graphics it was a challenge finding time to tune her DJ skills. However, she soon released a few underground mix tapes and began entertaining audiences at house parties and small underground events.

After an 8 month living experience in London in 1998 where she played at some smaller clubs and pubs and learned how much she loved the San Francisco scene, she returned determined to set her career in motion. She began playing at the events of San Francisco’ largest promotional groups like Feel Good Entertainment’ 5,000 person event Trick or Treat, Love A-Fair, Splendor Blendor as well as CoolWorld’ 27,000 person music festival Cyberfest ’99.

The year 2000 followed with the completion of her BA, the release of her underground mix CD “Kickin’ Beats”, the start of her Underground Promo Series of cds (UPS) and a new website, Numerous local, out of state, and international gigs were soon to follow, taking her to cities like Pittsburg (PA), Orlando (FL), Miami (FL), and even to Toronto, Canada.

Finally in 2001, she nationally released her fully licensed mix cd “Alive” with StreetBeat Records as well as her own 12” single “Rhythm Rock”. In addition she started her own record label Mad Wax with which she works with fellow artsists (most of which are part of the LiquidMercury family) DJ Spinner, Double Day, Mike Frugalettii, Giant Spider Fight, DJ Kid Hype, an d DJ Spyhunter.

The turning of the new year looks to hold a new residency for Madame with San Francisco’s largest and most popular club 1015 (also known in association with Spundae), as well as producing with DJ Davey Dave, Simply Jeff and other established artists, releasing a second mix cd with StreetBeat in May, and traveling nationwide slamming the dance floors with the funky electro sound she loves so much.