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Madalin Zero

AKA: Madelin Lane


Madelin Zero (aliases Madelin Lane, Madelin) is an American trance music singer and songwriter. She is perhaps best known for her vocals on the 2003 Club Anthem Destroy She Said with American Producer Alexander Perls. The two met in New York City and operated under the name CIRC, releasing an album called Electric Love in Germany in 2003. The duo disbanded in 2005.

Since then, Madelin’s work has been supported by Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, ATB, Bissen, Mr. Pit, Richard Durand, Tydi, M.I.K.E., Armin Van Buuren, Sean Tyas , Sander Van Doorn, Westbam, Pedro Del Mar, Shah, Cyberian Soundz, and many other DJs around the world.

She has collaborated with ATB, Bissen, Mr. Pit, Shah, The DNS Project, Pedro Del Mar, Richard Morel, Kostya Veter, DJ Eco, Tomkraft, and many others.

A classically trained opera singer, Madelin Zero is tipped to be one of the next great voices in electronic music.

It is a story that she has been building over the seven years since she first exploded on to the German Pop Music scene dressed as Alice in Wonderland in the music video for Destroy She Said..

The DJs that have worked with Madelin Zero would agree that she is much more than a voice peaking out from behind the bass drums of trance anthems in dance clubs around the globe. She is also a great songwriter and lyricist. DJs from all over the world send her their ideas and she gives the songs lyrical identity. Garry Velletri, Vice President of Bug Music in New York City, has called Madelin, “One of the greatest songwriters of her time.”

2010 has been a killer year for the U.S. born singer. In March, Not Even (written by Madelin Zero and Kostya Veter) reached number one on Australian DJ Tydi’s Global Club Chart. In May, Belgian DJ Richard Durand included Envy (also written by Kostya Veter and Madelin Zero) on “the holy grail” of trance compilations: In Search of Sunrise 8. In the Autumn, 2 Hearts (Madelin’s collaboration with Mr. Pit) will release on Markus Schulz’s Label Coldharbour Recordings. Markus Schulz was quick to add the song to his playlist in Ibiza before it even released. And it has been featured three times on his monthly Global DJ Broadcast. As we are quickly approaching the end of 2010, 2011 is already welcoming Madelin with several new releases in the works.

One fan on Facebook recently described Madelin’s sound best when he posted, “I believe she’s an angel. Such a voice is not human.”

Career Highlights

In 2008, Madelin’s voice and lyrics featured on “Alone With You” by Coastline (a collaboration between Roger Shah, Bissen and Madelin). The lyrics were written by Madelin about the chaos in the world dissolving when you are with the one you love. The song released on Armada’s “Magic Island, Music for Balearic People” (Roger Shah’s mix album) in November of 2008. “Alone With You” was released as a single with remixes in 2009 by Roger Shah and Coastline.

Dirty Purple

In 2005, Madelin’s solo album “Dirty Purple” was released in the United States on a label called Indecent Media. Madelin Zero was named “Artist to Watch” by Billboard Magazine, and the entire album was licensed by MTV for its dating show “NEXT.”

In 2004, Andre Tanneberger (ATB) saw Madelin perform live on a popular German television show. He liked her voice so much that he asked her to come to his studio and write for his album “No Silence.” Madelin wrote and sang two songs on the album: “Black Nights” and “Collides With Beauty.” ATB also featured Madelin’s spoken voice on the track “Eternal Swells.” “No Silence” released at number ten on the German album charts. Andre produced a song for Madelin’s album called “Perfect Day to Lose”). It is the only time in his career that Andre has ever produced a song for an artist other than himself and the song has developed a cult following.

Destroy She Said

In 2002, Ministry of Sound put out a compilation called “This is Tech Pop,” featuring Madelin as the vocalist in duo Circ. The song was called “Destroy She Said.” The vocals were special, other-worldly, and they commanded the dance world’s attention. The success of the compilation led to Circ’s full album release on a record label called Low Spirit in Berlin.

The video for “Destroy She Said” appeared all over German MTV. It featured Madelin dressed as Alice in Wonderland, the Virgin Mary at the Last Supper, and Little Red Riding Hood. The video caused massive controversy and was pulled from the airwaves because of the song’s lyrics, “Like towers falling down, like a bomb blast in your town” (The lyrics were actually written before September 11th). “Destroy She Said” was again permitted on the air after a short silent spell. In the summer of the same year a popular remix of the song was released by De Donatis and was played around the globe by Paul Van Dyk.