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San Francisco, United States

Funk / R&B, Hip-Hop

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With generations of family deeply entrenched in folk, bluegrass, soul & reggae music, Mackswell’s magnetic attraction to the quarter note was inevitable. Raised on a healthy dose of Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin LPs it only felt natural when Mackswell stepped behind a set of turntables.

Since his early teens Mackswell has been jump starting functions and uniting the masses with a style that connects the dots between genres that aren’t traditionally found together.

“You can stick to one sound, please one group, or, you can take a chance to ensure that everyone feels included. Everybody has a sound that they can resonate with. It’s our job as DJs to find your sound then marry it with your neighbor’s.”

From crunk to classic soul, roots reggae to RnB, deep house to hip-hop, Mackswell’s sound is one that embraces diversity and and embodies resiliency.

Catch Mackswell spinning across the San Francisco Bay Area, the Pacific Northwest, and New York City.

Stay in touch on Soundcloud and Twitter for the latest remixes, edits, mixtapes and live sets.