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Berlin, Germany

Astrophonica, Big Dada, Innovative Leisure
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Pitchfork Media – Machinedrum : “Now You Know”

“..a relatively fresh musical formula …. with some of the most memorable moments in the (admittedly brief) history of [IDM].”

“..the standard to which the next wave of imitators aspires.”

Rating – 9.0/10

Pitchfork Media – Machinedrum : “Bidnezz”

Dirty South crunk with the cubist contortions of Autechre and Mouse on Mars”

Rating – 7.7/10

Urb Magazine – Machinedrum : “Bidnezz”

“Best album of its kind since I Care Because You Do. Yeah, I said it.”

Boomkat – Tstewart : “Living Exponentially”

“Arguably Merck’s finest release since Helios’ debut, ‘Living Exponentially’ features a whole host of well honed acoustic vs. electronic compositions.”

XLR8R – Machinedrum : “911”

“This multi-instrumentalist rewards the careful listener subtle tempo shifts and unexpected sounds that make him an artist in his own right.”

Cleveland Scene – Machinedrum : “Want to 1 2?”

“Machinedrum is the best producer you’ve never heard.”