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Maca Atomix

Mexico, Mexico

Dubstep, Progressive House

Skull Records, Skull Records Inc.
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DJ Maca Atomix

EDM dj/producer based in Mexico , whose high speed of sound combines hardstyle, dubstep, trap, with some influences from drum’n’bass and progressive house. He started producing tracks in 2012, including digital singles and Monster Killer Toxic Audio and remixes for, BSNO, Insane Clowns, Ignizer, Robert Miles, Skream and others. DJ Maca Atomix signed with Skull Records in 2014 and released their first album called Skull Monsters.Monster Killer then earlier this year. The launch was an immediate hit in the place of music sales portal called Beatport (where he eventually was named the third best artist dubstep 2014), and began traveling around Mexico and Canada, along with artists such as Finish and Dynamite , Insane Clowns, Torgue, Arcade Shnauzer, Om3ga, PAT releasing singles and EPs and dimensioned to work with artists, “Remember the Monster Killer” released their second album Skull Records Inc. in November 2015.

In 2015 DJ Maca Atomix goes to concerts accompanied by talent like VINAI in Cancun, Acapulco, USA. He currently works in a group with Zouin and Arcade Shnauzer,calling themselves like 3GOLITE. Together they have 3 songs and an album.

In February 2016 released “Three Steps” EP was which was an instant success back in the music genre dubstep in the Beatport sales site (where he eventually named the second best artist dubstep 2016 and may attain the position 29 DUBSTEP TOP 100 RELEASES)

On August 17, 2016 DJ Maca Atomix & Arcade Shnauzer enter with their track “Timeless Line [Insane Clowns Remix]” in episode # 15 OSWLA Radio station which is run by Skrillex.

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