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Mac Demetrius

Amsterdam, United States

Electro House, Electronica, Progressive House

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Mac Demetrius

Background information

Birth name Mac Paul Krawczykowski

Born 13 November 1982 (age 30)

Origin Netherlands, USA

Genres House, Electronic Dance Music

Occupations Disc jockey, record producer, songwriter

Years active 2000–present

Labels EMI Music, MJ Records

Associated acts = B*B*M*C, FG Radio, David Guetta, Shakira, GIUSTIZIA & NOCHES, Snoop Dogg, The Partysquad, Ne-Yo, Mad Stuntman, Fatman Scoop, Justin Timberlake, Joe Luca, Shakira, Nicky Minaj, Noches

Mac Demetrius (born 13 November 1982 ) – DJ and producer, creating music of the species house and Electro House, Electronic Dance Music.


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Mac Demetrius, (born 13 November 1982), is a Dutch and USA music producer and DJ.He was listed as artists on the FG RADIO DJ’s. His 2010 entry into the poll at number 18 was the highest new entry of that year’s list. His father was the Dutchman.Changes of residence (Goes, Amsterdam,Roterdam Düseldorf, London, Malmo), made a citizen of the world and open to any person, able to make contact.He co-founded the label M & J Records. At age 15, he began mix his first vinyls, and a DJ job at the age of 18 years. In 2000 – 2002, worked for the Paris Club Jalouse Club. 2008 released his first studio album Essentials, 2012 showed The record The Beats by Demetrius Mac 2011 Sexy Ladies. 2011 was established its sixth single career “That’s Life II”. Mac Demetrius appeared in the advertising of alcoholic brands Metaxa company Saaten – Union and Martini company Bacardi – Martini Desperados and a commercial for TV TVN which is announced Programm Top Model. His single “Just Stand Up! / The Beats by Mac Demetrius” appeared in an advertisement for an international project UFO UFO 2011 and 2012. In 2009 years Mac has recorded the single “Rock the Boat”, “Excitement”. The company Schwarzkopf and Elite Model Look Mac Demetrius invited to play in the final gala Gala Schwarzkopf Elite Model Look 2010. In 2010 Mac Demetrius was selected by the Generation Fitness magazine as The Best DJ in 2010 promoting a new style of the DJ’s and appeared on the cover of the July number, 2010 Generation Fitness Magazine. Mac is own clothing line B * B * M * C Beats By Mac Club. The author of the collection is wife Mac Demetrius JOA. 2012 released a new album called Glamour is back. In 2012, in biggest media FG RADIO played in the United States and Mexico too and is a resident DJ FG RADIO, as well as FG DJ Radio MEXICO and FG RADIO USA, which has promoted a few years earlier, inter alia, David Guetta.

Personal life

Mac Demetrius is married to Joanna Krawczykowska.


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Studio Albums

2008: Essentials 2009: Excitement 2009: The Time Is Now 2010: Poison 2010: Let Me Talk To You (album)#Let Me Talk To You 2011: SexyBack 2011: The Beats by Demetrius Mac 2012: Damn Girl 2012: Glamour is back

Box sets

2011: Without You 2012: Glamour is back 2013: TIME OUT

Guest shares

2012: Glamour Is Back (Will2B feat. Mad Stuntman, Mac Demetrius i Mad Stuntman)* 2013: Giustizia (Joe Luca, Noches i Mac Demetrius)


External links

Mac Demetrius on Myspace Mac Demetrius on Twitter Mac Demetrius’s channel on YouTube [] Mac Demetrius w Soundcloud Mac Demetrius w FG DJ Radio USA Mac Demetrius w FG DJ Radio Mexico