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Mac Attack

Los Angeles, United States

Electro House, Trance

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QT Mac got his start in 1996 DJ-ing the popular house scene that was thriving in LA at the time. As a bedroom DJ, he honed in on his mixing skills while following what was popular in dance music at the time. As the years passed he grew disenchanted of the main genre of the time (hard-house) and had stopped DJ-ing for a few years. That is until 1999 when he attended his first rave and discovered “Trance.” He fell in love with dance music again and from that point on he never looked back. Now completely dedicated to his greatest love of trance, he spends every cent he makes into buying more music that appealed to him and remains a bedroom DJ to this day. “Every cent I make DJ-ing will go back into my music” and he has kept true to that word and then some. Making hundreds and spending thousands a year on vinyl, any other person would feel shafted by the biz. But if you ask him if he would change it, he would say, “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

He still plays trance to this day but has also returned to spinning some styles of house music.