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Barcelona, Spain

Minimal, Techno

Analytictrail, Audio Elite, capsula
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Techno |dj & producer|

Maae starts his profesional career in 2000 in Girona/Barcelona. Since his beginnings,all his sessions have had a manifest influence from Techno, following the new movements and showing up the most avant-gard side of music.

Throughout his career, during his residences in Clubs such as “Blau Club” and “Zoom Club”, had the chance to do the warm up to artists like Ken Ishii, Surgeon, Alexander Kowalski, Ben Sims, MissDjax, John Acquaviva, Marco Nastic, Alex Under, Rino Cerrone, Marco Bailey, Christian Smith, Roman Flugel and more.

All this hard work took him to Clubs like ROW14 (Barcelona), Florida135 (Huesca), Rachdingue (Vilajuiga), La Sala del Cel (Girona), KGB (Barcelona), Zoom club (Lloret de Mar), HannaFest (Budapest) and many more.

His professional career as a producer begins on September 2008, but it is not untill 2012 when he finally defines his own style with a clear and defined Techno base under the name MAAE.

On his coming out with TMM Records, his huge tracks Betroit and Kamon were played by well-known artists on the Techno scene. The EP got to the Top 100 at Beaport, reaching the 21st place on the charts, as well as it happend with his debut with Definition Records (Christian Fischer label) with his EP Final Destination.

At the beginning of 2013 he creates his own label Metodiq, dedicated to circle his particular visión of the contemporary Techno music. The first reference coming out had a big welcome being in the charts and played by big artists such as Alex Bau, Slam, Axel Karakasis y Alex Di Stefano.

MAAE has been remixed by artists of the size of A.Paul, Angel Alanis, Spiros Kaloumenos, Vegim and has worked in remixes for Christian Fischer, Vegim and Angy Kore

Indeed, he is waitting for the release of his new EP ́s in Labels like Ribbon (Sasha Carassi label) Slap Jaxx (Angel alanis label) Definition Records (Christian Fischer label), Renesanz and Drowne besides other future projects.

MAAE still being a huge driving force of the Techno scene in Catalonia, and his constant evolution, along with his experience, predict a rising and promising future.

Allways connecting with his audience, his sets can be defined by a very personal and dark sound, going from the most minimalistic and exclusive Techno, to the most forceful and electronic, ready to make people feel the sounds and hit the dance floor.

Also important to stand out all the support received from artists like Sasha Carassi, Slam, Sam Paganini, Spiros Kaloumenos, Luigi Madonna, Alex Di Stefano, Bodyscrub, Stefano Noferini, Christian Fischer , A.Paul, Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink, Hollen, Patrick DSP, Anderson Noise, Vegim, Esp aka Woody McBride, Michael Schwarz and many more.