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Jimmy was born in Stockholm Sweden 1980 and found a passion for dance music at 12 years old. In the late 90s Jimmy and a friend started working with reclaim the underground and released some hardcore rave in the Netherlands together with Reclaim the underground records, a sister company to Fluid Records. They released Three hardcore tracks under the names Cat and Tellus that was released at the Gabberbox cd´s. One of his latest work has been with the Swedish afro hiphop group Panetoz where he made an offical house remix of their hitsong Dansa Pausa in 2012. It was a huge hit and was released at Absolute House Vol.1. He has also worked together with Thomas Thörnholm who is a singer songwriter and music producer with several songs featured in the swedish eurovision competetion. Today his main focus is set at the current house music scene where he is looking forward to work with further more artist´s and producers in the future. In 2014 M.J.E released a remix at Digital Empire Records ( Saam Roberts feat. BBK – Goin Hard ( M.J.E – Remix ), the track is a Melbourne Bounce inspired track. Also in 2014 M.J.E entered a remix competition and was a second place winner in the Notixx x GRIMEace – Drinks up competition, the prize was an official release at the drinks up EP release with 2 more remix´s on it. 2014 M.J.E made an original track called M.J.E – Push It that was supported by several radio stations around the World, to name a few by Camilo Franco at Ibiza Calling and by Jay Please at the Sound Of Shazam. M.J.E ha´s been supported by famous Dj´s from all around the world, to name a few by Sash S, Diego Miranda, D.O.N.S, Sugarstarr, Axel Knox, Alex Gray, Flash Brothers and more. You can be sure to hear more about this Dj in the near future.

Releases: Digital Empire Records, 99 Waves Records, Twerkout Music, Reclaim The Underground and MJE-Music.

Label: MJE-Music

Homepage: www.mjemusic.com