No club will ever be packed and foggy enough oversee her: M.I.A., formerly Cologne's most musical enfant terrible, meanwhile everybody's darling of the international underg... read more
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No club will ever be packed and foggy enough oversee her: M.I.A., formerly Cologne’s most musical enfant terrible, meanwhile everybody’s darling of the international underground with a homebase in Berlin.

Despite her fragile stature M.I.A. is catching attention everywhere she goes, not only due to her unique aura, but the unique dj sets she plays. Eclectically kicking, sudatory, and soulful at the same time, she manages to burn down any nice & shiny dancefloor, never releasing her funked-up, wrecked and disoriented, but overly happy crowd to its bleak freedom until the sunrise. Thus M.I.A. made her way through Europe’s best clubs in Zurich, Paris, Barcelona, Marbella, as well as Germany’s hot spots like WMF, Berlin.

With Falko Brocksieper, partner in crime and grandmaster of skillfully shaking grooves, M.I.A. founded the SUB STATIC label in 2000. This analogue biotope, firstly thought to be a platform for their own sonic attempts only, has quickly developed a worldwide reputation for advanced dancefloor issues and is nowadays one of the top sellers on the KOMPAKT distribution roster with internationally respected artists like Brian Aneurysm, Mathew Jonson, Pan/Tone, John Spring and many more. In 2003 the sub label Karloff Rekordings was launched, which quickly became the equally successful outlet for the abstract & absurd moments in life.

Through the years also M.I.A.‘s own productions mutated to truly monstrous funk escapades in the own home’s synth arsenal, with hypnotic acidic loops, euphoric melancholic flakes and hardedged 4/4 bootybeats next to ever more intimate vocals, going beyond any existing genre. The first climax of this personal evolution is the full length album SCHWARZWEISS (‘black & white’), whose title explicitly names the extremes that M.I.A. stretches her world within.

Therefore, in the beginning there’s not only the machine, as an efficient tool, but the intuitive emotion, sometimes shouting, sometimes whispering, however always straight pumping, fuelled by a heart of gold, whose special expression has already been appreciated by other quality labels like TRAUM, TRAPEZ, DUMB-UNIT and ITALIC.