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M.H Project

Tehran, Iran

Progressive House, Tech House

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Since 2003, M.H Project has been a one-man ambassador of remixing different genres and styles to create a revolutionary new concept. Chillout, House and Tech House genres have been combined in the most original of ways..

The idea evolved from simple computer-based amateur technology, to a new iconic style which brings together and combines great styles of music to reflect pure passion and craftsmanship. The fusion of different styles of music creates an epic, original and intense structure which portrays how the future stands for music producers.

The ultimate chance to show people my music is much appreciated as I have listened and interpreted music from many leading artists and mainstream singers, as well as famous classics. The opportunity to express myself and allow others to listen, enjoy and understand my music should not be undermined and I work to create dynamic music which reflects the past, present and upcoming future. I hope to be able to influence people and give an insight into how much this means to me…

M.H Project is the first and only artist who has been able to mix two different genres of music to create a revolutionary new style…

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