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AKA: Music All Day Everyday

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Trance Duo M.A.D.E. consists of Brian LaPierre from Waltham, Massachusetts and Cody Cox from Memphis, Tennessee. The two met serving in the military while stationed in Southern California. What originally started as two separate acts, in early 2013 they quickly realized their potential as a combined force to become an all around DJ/Production duo. Within their first 6 months together, they jumped right into the spotlight winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project for Nocturnal Wonderland with their hard hitting melodic bassCASE collaboration “Solar Storm”. Soon after, starting their own online radio podcast “Lucidity”, which currently airs on Monday’s 9pmEST/6pmEST on Now apart of Insomniac’s Alumni, the two have had a taste of the big stage, and want it even more now, showing no signs of slowing down.

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Brian’s passion for music started with attending various metal and hardcore shows in 2001 – finally finding his passage way into the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene through Hardstyle music in 2010. Easily transitioning to the harder sounds of dance music, he then started opening his mind to many of the sub genres of dance music, falling in love and becoming actively apart the underground scenes. Midway through 2010, djing became a dream turned into a reality. Brian began venturing off into the many sub genres EDM has to offer, actively seeking his image in the dance scene. Djing undergound hardstyle,dubstep, and your everyday EDM, then finally teaming up with Cody in 2013 with trance. “Its never felt more right.”

Hailing from Tennessee, Cody was introduced to Electronic Dance Music while serving in the United States Marines Corps stationed in Southern California. Instantly, Cody knew that this was the missing key part of his life. It was something about how the way Trance music speaks to the body and soul. Originally having roots in Dub Step where he has opened for the likes of Dubstep Legend Caspa as well as Subscape, Trolly Snatcha and D1, Cody found that his heart belonged to Trance. Both Brian and Cody’s love for Music brought them together to form the Duo M.A.D.E. (Music All Day Everyday) that you see and hear today. Even though Trance music is their main focus, that doesn’t stop them from blurring the lines with other musical genres.

Played at venues such as:

Festivals/Events: Nocturnal Wonderland 13’, Rave to the Grave, Celestial Bodies 13’,

Clubs: Yost Theater OC, Hard Rock SD, Bunker LA, PCD SD, 4th&Broadway, Stage SD, Spin SD..

“Music can change the world because it can change people”