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M 2 K

Randers, Denmark

Electro House

MELONSOUND, Red Robot Records
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M-2K originates from England, but has been living in Randers, DK for many years now. Started out as part of Danish band E.T.A.; DJing at various venues both local and national.Whilst organising DJing events, such as gigs on top of the local multi-storey car-park (P-huset), M-2K came in contact with a crew of likeminded. M-2K was drawn to these pure-breed drum&bass headz with their desire for underground vibes and enjoyment of the genre.

In 2003, after the crew split and moved on to newer things, M-2K turned his energy to starting up an event that involved live bands and resident DJs. The Sunburn Club was born with warmth and friendliness as central themes, though maintaining an underground feel. The event is still going strong to this day.

In 2009 M-2K got the itch to return to his music-making ways that started his journey way back with E.T.A., though this time on his own. With fresh ideas from his many years of DJing and, M-2K wanted to share his energy with the dance-floor audience. The music would mirror the ideals of The Sunburn Club, whilst looking forward to newer vibes. In 2010 this dream was realised when he signed up to MELONSOUND, and now the future is looking brighter.